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redesigned bedroom with platform bed

A New Platform Bed and Mattress: To Buy or Not to Buy?

If you’re ready to update your bedroom, you may be scouring design ideas, thinking about what you need to make it the perfect oasis. After all, it’s the one room in your house where you can escape from the outside world and fully relax.

There are numerous great options these days, with platform beds being one of the most popular choices. Between the quality and beautiful designs, it could be the perfect addition to your newly designed bedroom.

woman sleeping on my green mattress

Tips for Designing Your Bedroom

A bedroom refresh doesn’t have to be complicated and drawn out. To create a space that feels right, incorporate the things that most suit your personality. Some excellent design and decor ideas include:

  • Choose your design style: Whether you like country cottages or beach retreats, your bedroom should become a space that brings you joy and comfort.
  • Choose your colors: A soothing color palette to fit your style can provide layers of accents, giving your room some new life.
  • Add an accent wall: Accent walls can transform your bedroom from ordinary to a coastal cottage by adding shiplap or a headboard to a wall. If you love the look and want to go all in, redo the whole room!
  • New bedroom furniture: A new platform bed, headboard, and dresser can easily update any room. Style, color, and comfort can transform the space easily in one weekend.
  • Upgrade your bedding: Layered bedding with accent colors is an easy way to upgrade your room and give it the luxury look of a hotel in the perfect vacation destination.
  • Upgrade your mattress: Now that you have new furniture and bedding, a mattress is the next best step to thoroughly enjoying your updated bedroom. There are a lot of choices when it comes to finding the perfect mattress, so it’s beneficial to know what type suits you best.

Whatever your style, you want your bedroom to foster comfort so you can get the sleep you need. Along with choosing the perfect color combinations, textures, and decor to encourage a soothing atmosphere, you may consider some accent pieces and new bedding to complete the look.

my green mattress organic mattress protector

How Do You Know If It’s Time for a New Mattress?

Knowing how to sleep better is vital for good health. It allows our bodies and brains to restore, repair, and re-energize so we can function at our best.

If you’re not sleeping well, it may be the result of different issues, like insomnia or sleeping with the lights on. Between family, work, and stress, there are plenty of reasons you may find it tough to get the rest you need.

One thing that often gets overlooked is your mattress. But how do you know if you need a new one? These tips can help you decide:

  • Your mattress is over 10 years old. The lifespan of a mattress can depend on several factors, including quality and regular maintenance. The better quality mattress you have, the better it will be over time. In most cases, mattresses should be evaluated for replacement at the 10 year mark.
  • Signs your mattress is wearing. When your mattress begins to wear down, you’ll not only feel it, but there are often visible signs which can include sagging, tearing, lumps, and visible springs. If you’re seeing these signs, consider replacing it.
  • Waking with aches and pains. You should feel refreshed when you wake after a good night’s sleep. But when your mattress gets old and loses its shape, it can get weaker and doesn’t give you the support you need, leading to waking up feeling sore. Knowing the best mattress for back issues prevents these issues for the future.
  • You can’t sleep. Whether you can’t fall asleep when you get into bed or wake during the night only to find you can’t get back to sleep, it could be a sign you need a new mattress. However, when it comes to being comfortable enough to sleep, we don’t all have the same needs, so even if you don’t think your mattress is ready for a replacement, not being able to sleep may mean you need another type of mattress.
  • Allergies are affecting your sleep. As mattresses get old and wear down, various allergens can settle into the mattress and cause allergies to flare up. Between dust mites, bacteria, mold, and other household allergens, it can wreak havoc on your respiratory system and disrupt sleep.
  • You sleep well anywhere else. If you can sleep well at a hotel, while visiting a friend, or even on your couch, you may need to replace your mattress. The right mattress will be comfortable, support you and allow you to fully relax enough to sleep, so if you can sleep in other places, a new mattress is often the answer.

NEW platform bed edited

Finding the Perfect Mattress for You

Once you decide to get a new mattress, you’re one step closer to getting the sleep you need. Now, it’s time to figure out your options and find the best one for you. Things to look for include:

  • Choose a quality mattress. The most important consideration is quality to ensure the best night’s sleep possible. Construction can significantly impact comfort levels and performance, with a good mattress running up at least a few hundred dollars. Whether you’re looking for a platform bed to put the mattress on or have other options in mind, quality matters when it comes to sleeping well.
  • Know your sleep style. Some common sleep positions are on the side, back sleeping, and stomach sleeping. Knowing how you sleep narrows down your choices and determines the best type of mattress for you.
  • Consider your budget. While mattress prices range from reasonable to excessive, our options make it easy to find one that works for you. When updating your room, you may discover that a renovation may be the best option to give you more space. A home equity loan can allow you to upgrade your room without taking any shortcuts regarding the cost. And, you can pay for everything in full due to being able to use the equity you’ve built up since living in your home.
  • Choose a material type to suit your needs. Mattresses come in various materials, so when doing your research, don’t forget to consider whether you suffer from allergies, as some materials may be better suited for allergy sufferers. Hand-tufted mattresses also last longer and look better than those with zip-on covers or mass-manufactured finishes.
  • Consider mattress size. To determine the best-size mattress, think about the size of your space and the amount of sleeping space you’ll need. This ensures you can sleep comfortably through the night.

Replace the Bedroom Set for a Brand-New Look

A new mattress will do wonders for your upgrade, but changing the look and style of your bedroom with a new bed or a whole new bedroom set will give it a complete refresh. Here are some tips to make that happen:

  • Choose a style for your new bed or bedroom set. Whether you’re looking for a new headboard or a brand-new set, consider the best style to match your taste.
  • Choose your new theme. Since the bed is the focal point, choose a great theme for your bedroom and work from there to create your perfect peaceful oasis.
  • Ditch the box spring. While a box spring was necessary when buying a mattress, those days are gone. Platform beds are stylish and give a mattress all the support you need for a great night’s sleep.

Wrapping Up

There’s nothing like a complete bedroom makeover to give your home the refresh it needs and offer you a relaxing place to enjoy some quality sleep. Adding touches of color, texture, and new decor can breathe new life into the room and give you the perfect place to escape. Shop our mattresses now to get your bedroom makeover started and include fresh cotton sheets or an organic latex pillow to round it out.

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