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Holiday Stress: 4 Tips for Managing It Better

The holidays are now upon us, and along with the cheer, peace and love, often comes… stress. Throughout the normal course of any given day, we all go through it in some capacity. Stress is a normal part of life and can be a great motivator, if it’s a healthy amount. However, it seems more and more people are under an immense amount of stress, so much so that it consumes them. Because all people really want is to be happy, especially during the holiday season, here’s a few tips on helping to minimize stress, or to at least put some things in perspective…

Do something at least once or twice a week that you enjoy

Of course, doing this every day is ideal and would be of the most benefit, but if it stresses you out even more finding the time for it each day or makes you feel guilty for not getting to it, it’s not worth it! Even if it’s a ten-minute meditation or walk, doing something for yourself helps to clear your head, bringing some balance back into your life.

Eat well

Sugar, fried, and processed foods put stress on the entire body, making the immune system have to work extra hard. Eating whole, clean foods, such as fruits, vegetables and sprouted grains help to give your body the essential nutrients it needs. Fish is key as well, providing the essential fatty acids to help promote brain function.


This seems to get pushed aside even more so during the holiday season, as people stay up late cooking, getting ready for parties and in the next month, shopping and wrapping gifts. However, getting eight hours of sleep a night (on a chemical free mattress, of course) helps to make for clear thinking, allowing us to get more done efficiently.


Smiling is contagious and, according to Psychology Today, a 2012 study shows that smiling speeds recovery from stress J. Above all, be open to the peace and love of the season. May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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