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Best Mattress for Back Issues

Do you have back issues? If so, you’re one of the eight percent of adults who experience chronic back pain.

No type of physical ailment is enjoyable, but back issues are some of the most annoying. You need your body to perform normal daily activities and it’s difficult to do that when movement equates to constant pain.

The issues compound when it’s time to rest. Trying to sleep with back issues is like trying to stay awake when it’s dark out–the two simply don’t go together.

The mattress you choose has a major impact on whether or not your back can feel at ease. This doesn’t mean all of your back pain disappears once you have a different mattress, but it can definitely help. Let’s look at the best mattress for back issues, regardless of your stage of life.

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Best Mattress for Neck and Back Issues

The best mattress for neck and back issues is one that protects your neck and shoulders, cradles your lower back, and supports your entire body. It can be difficult to find a mattress that meets these needs without breaking the bank or searching for days on end.

In most cases, the best mattress for back issues is a hybrid mattress. This means it makes use of springs, latex, and cotton, unlike other mattresses that focus on just latex or just springs.

What’s more, it’s not strictly the mattress that’s supporting your neck and shoulders. After all, you sleep with sheets and a pillow, not just the mattress itself. That’s why you should always have a pillow that complements the supportive structure of your mattress, not just a pillow that looks good on its own.

We make a charcoal-infused organic latex pillow for this exact purpose. Our pillows are charcoal infused to reduce odors, regulate temperature, and offer an overall cleaner pillow.

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Common Back Issues

Knowing the cause of your back issues can help you make an informed decision. Not sure why you’re experiencing chronic lower back pain? Here are the most common back issues and their causes:

  • Poor posture. One of the most common causes of back pain is poor posture. This is exemplified by slouching (when either sitting or standing), constantly leaning over, or sitting or working in a position that strains the neck up or down.
  • Physical injuries, including trauma. If you’ve experienced any injury ranging from the minor to the major and haven’t fully healed, this is usually the culprit. Your back muscles are one of the largest muscle groups in your body and can take a long time to heal. Consult with a chiropractor, doctor, or physical therapist (or all three) to ensure you’re getting the healing you need.
  • Ruptured or bulging disk. The disks in your spine are made of fibrous cartilage that act as cushions between your bones. When these disks become damaged, it can quickly lead to back pain. If you notice any sharp or sudden pain in your back, especially lower back, speak with your doctor immediately.
  • Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is when your vertebrae start to break due to your bones becoming weaker and more porous. This can be caused by a range of conditions, including inflammation, decrease in hormone production, little to no exercise, or a poor diet. Osteoporosis should always be treated seriously and you should speak with a doctor at the first sign of any back pain, especially if it’s been several days.
  • Arthritis. Arthritis is the stiffening of joints caused by a range of factors and their potential combinations. Such factors include age, genetics, inflammation, and/or the weakening of the immune system. Arthritic joints can lead to a constant swollen feeling and difficulty performing daily tasks, like getting in and out of bed. Similarly to osteoporosis and ruptured disks, you should speak with a trusted back doctor right away.

Many of these common back pain causes are serious enough to warrant speaking with medical professionals. Maintaining strong health requires the right inputs from a variety of sources to see results that last.

In the midst of these facts, there’s nothing wrong with buying a mattress that can give your back more of the relief it needs. Always speak with your trusted medical provider before making any major life change, like exercising a lot more or less than you normally would.

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Best Mattress for Lower Back Issues

If you’re facing back issues on a regular basis and know it’s time for a new mattress, we feel you. That’s why we designed the best mattress for lower back issues–the Natural Escape hybrid organic mattress.

Our mattress stands out not just in the organic mattress market, but the mattress industry as a whole. When our founder Tim Masters set out to develop a mattress that would help his daughter with her allergic reactions, he went one step further. He set out to make the most affordable certified organic mattress the world has ever seen.

While organic mattresses are nothing new, what is new is an organic mattress that outperforms other natural products. When most people think organic, they often think high quality, but not necessarily durable.

However, when people think durable, they don’t always think organic or eco-friendly. As a result, it was hard to find a mattress that had it all until the last few years.

Lower back problems are some of the biggest reasons people go looking for a new mattress. After all, if your back hurts now or especially when sleeping, it’s much harder to sleep better.

Here’s why the Natural Escape has the best mattress for back issues out of any certified organic mattress on the market:

  • Proprietarily designed lumbar support zone: Our lumbar support region has been meticulously designed for superior lower back support. Most organic mattress manufacturers cut corners in their zoning, meaning there’s an abrupt change in support strength from your shoulder area to your middle back and your legs. Our lumbar support region takes up one third of the mattress and is designed for a subtly noticeable change in support. This means proper support for your lower back without compromising your overall sleep experience.
  • One-sided: All of our hybrid mattresses are one sided. Why is this, you may ask? This is a particularly pertinent question if you’ve used double-sided mattresses before and have associated them with stronger sleep. Our mattresses are single-sided because this extends the longevity of the mattress and ensures only the sleeping side is used for sleep.
  • Built to last from day one: Quality built mattresses can last anywhere from 12 to 20 years, but sadly the average American’s mattress is disposed of every 10 years. This causes a lot of unnecessary waste that we wanted to help counteract. The Natural Escape is built with longevity in mind, because we know the longer you can use your mattress, the more often you’ll have excellent sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mattresses and Back Issues

Trying to find the right mattress for chronic back pain isn’t easy. You’re flooded with hundreds of options online–and not just products, but blog posts, too.

We decided to research the most frequently asked questions for you. Check out these common back-pain-related questions and our answers:

What Type of Mattress Is Best for Someone With Back Problems?

The best type of mattress for someone with back problems is one that has superior lumbar support. Lumbar is the word for lower back and refers to the five vertebrae in your lower spine, between your ribs and pelvis.

What Is the Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain?

The best mattress for lower back pain is one with fantastic lower spine support. When you’re shifting around in bed, it can be difficult to feel supported regardless of your position.

That’s why you need a mattress with strong lower back support in the middle third of your mattress. Don’t settle for less here; otherwise, you’ll end up with a slowly formed body indentation in your mattress.

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Is a Firm Mattress Better for Back Issues?

The mattress that suits you best for back issues depends on your current health condition. Some health professionals recommend a softer mattress for those with pre-existing health conditions, whereas other pros recommend a firm mattress from the beginning.

If you’re experiencing mild to severe back pain while sleeping on a firm mattress, you may want to change to something less firm. If you’ve only recently started to experience back pain, a firm mattress is better at evenly distributing your body weight. This can alleviate pressure that was otherwise concentrating towards your lower spine when sleeping.

What Mattress Do Orthopedic Doctors Recommend?

Most orthopedic professionals recommend either a hybrid mattress or latex mattress. Both mattress design types are based on sound structural design, offering the right kinds of support where your body needs it while sleeping.

Hybrid mattresses are made with a combination of pocketed springs and latex whereas latex mattresses are strictly latex. Both types of mattresses are supportive, but hybrid mattresses last longer and allow latex layers to provide better full-body support. Latex is intended to be top-layer support, so with the help of springs, this is accomplished.

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The Right Mattress for Phenomenal Sleep

Looking for a top-notch mattress to get the best sleep of your life, starting now? We make the highest quality organic mattresses anywhere. Shop our products today!

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