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Is a Firm or Soft Mattress Better?

Finding the perfect mattress is like finding the perfect jacket or pair of shoes. There may be many other articles of clothing that worked for other people, but you want one that’s just right for you.

In the midst of this process, you’re likely asking yourself, “Is a firm or soft mattress better?” It’s a question that must be analyzed to get the most accurate answer for your individual needs.

The right degree of mattress firmness depends on your health conditions, preferences, and even sleeping position. Let’s take a closer look at everything.

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Is a Firm or Soft Mattress Better for Back Pain?

Figuring out what kind of mattress can help you with chronic or severe back pain is quite the shopper’s journey. There’s already more than enough information to sift through and the amount of blog posts, consumer reviews, and compilations is only growing.

Usually, a bed on the firmer side is the best mattress for back issues. This may seem counterintuitive, but there are multiple valid reasons behind it.

Firmer mattresses provide more support, and when your back is hurting, you need a cushioned, yet firm surface to rest on. This gives your back and upper body the support it needs without too much pressure.

Every time you shift during sleep or turn over completely on a softer mattress, you have to exert more effort. This is because your mattress has less material your sides, back, and legs can push against. The more muscle groups your body needs to use to shift your position, the higher likelihood of pain.

In the case of severe back pain, it’s wise to speak with a doctor, physiologist, or physical therapist before buying a new bed. You don’t want to purchase a quality product that–while great in normal circumstances–may worsen your condition.

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Is a Firm or Soft Mattress Better for Your Back?

Choosing a softer or firmer mattress is the timeless question that millions of people ask every year. It’s worth asking because the mattress you buy will influence your sleeping comfort level for years, often decades to come.

A mattress that’s firmer than it is softer is usually the best choice. You want a bed that’s firmer where you need more support–like your hips and shoulders–while being lighter for your feet and torso.

Given how widely individual health situations vary, finding a mattress that requires zero modifications to suit your preferences is not always possible. If you want to use a firm mattress but find that it’s not quite comforting enough, we recommend using a topper.

Our organic latex toppers provide that comforting layer of support without drastically increasing the thickness of your bed. Our latex toppers improve the longevity of your mattress and are fully GOLS-certified.

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Is a Soft or Firm Mattress Better for Hip Pain?

Learning whether or not a soft or firm mattress is better for hip pain is important. It’s only natural to roll over and shift during sleep, and those with pelvic bone issues–which are connected to hip muscles–are prone to injuries.

In most cases, a softer mattress is better for individuals with hip pain. The condition of both your bones and muscles contribute to how much pain you’re experiencing and where.

A soft mattress with enough latex padding on top relieves pressure on the side of your body and gives your muscles a chance to relax. Without this comforting support, your hip is resting directly on the bed, which is still soft but firmer than you need it to be.

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Is It Better to Have a Firm or Soft Mattress?

The age-old question of whether it’s better to have a firm or soft mattress still stands today. Throughout the centuries mattress companies have beds of varying thicknesses and durability levels to equally varying degrees of success.

As humans have progressed towards an increasingly urban and busy lifestyle, misunderstandings of what type of mattress suits a person have become commonplace. These misconceptions have only been furthered by competing mattress brands and popular science taken out of context.

Such circumstances make it difficult to know what kind of mattress is best in the long run. A firm mattress is usually better than a soft mattress for several reasons.

Here are the most important:

  • Your entire body needs support. Firmer mattresses are better because they support your entire body. If your bed is sagging in the middle, eventually you’ll subconsciously end up in that area, exacerbating the body indentation. With a properly built mattress this condition is slowed to almost zero.
  • Firm mattresses promote proper spinal alignment. Using a firm mattress means you’re less likely to fall asleep in a strange position. This means you’re more likely to fall asleep on your back or side, which are two of the most natural sleeping positions.
  • Firm mattresses last longer. Mattresses designed and manufactured to be firm predictably outlast those made with lower quality materials. A firm mattress that still makes use of pure materials like organic wool and cotton is the ideal combination for comfort and longevity.

While dozens of mattress manufacturers have tried to make the perfect mattress, anything different from a hybrid structure falls short. We’ve spent almost two decades designing, testing, and refining the ultimate organic hybrid mattress that comes with a free, limited 20-year warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Firm Vs Soft Mattresses

A mattress shopping journey often takes you down both Internet-based and real-world paths you never even knew existed. If you’ve found yourself with more questions than answers, don’t worry.

We researched a few frequently asked questions about firm and soft mattresses so you can get right to the good stuff. Check out our answers here:

Is a Hard Mattress Good for Your Back?

A hard mattress is usually a sign that the mattress is missing materials or was built poorly. Firm is one thing, but hard implies discomfort, which is the last thing anyone with back pain wants.

Look for a mattress that’s based on pocketed innersprings and has enough comfort layers on top to feel great for years ahead. Superior quality mattresses come with a combination of wool, cotton, and latex on top of the spring base to make them.

Why Would You Need a Firm Mattress?

A firm mattress is the difference between waking up with a kink in your neck, shoulder, or back and waking up fully rested and energized. Sleeping on a mattress that’s too soft leaves you tossing and turning and will fail to provide firmer support where you need it most.

Which Mattress Is Used In Hotels?

Innerspring mattresses are the most common type of mattress used in most hotels. This is because they last longer, are typically easier to clean, and provide enough support for the majority of body types.

In addition to the firmness of innerspring mattresses, many hotels include mattress protectors or additional layers of bedding. This creates a supportive enough experience while ensuring the mattress itself is a financially sound investment.

Settling on the right mattress after days or weeks of shopping is a satisfying feeling. You now have a bed that’s both structurally sound and pleasing to the touch.

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If you want a mattress that combines the best of both worlds, we make the best organic hybrid mattresses the world over. Shop our beds and accessories today and grab a platform bed while you’re at it. Any questions? We’re just one message away.

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