Sleep comfortably on this solid core organic Dunlop latex pillow.

Charcoal Infused Latex Pillow


Our cooling and supportive pillow is made from a solid core of charcoal infused Dunlop latex. This molded pillow has a firm yet contouring feel that is designed specifically for back and side sleepers.

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Product Description & Certification


Our cooling and supportive pillow is made from a solid core of charcoal infused GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex. This molded pillow has a firm yet contouring feel that is designed specifically for back and side sleepers.


Activated charcoal is a mineral that acts to reduce odors and moisture, when it is infused with Dunlop latex before being poured into a mold, the outcome is a pillow that is the ultimate in comfort and breathability.


The pillow is covered with a sewn-on thin removable zippered GOTS certified organic cotton fabric.


Eco-institute and FSC certified Dunlop Latex
GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Cover
GOLS Certified Organic Dunlop Latex Core


Dimensions: 25in x 16in

Dimensions: 30in x 18in

Dimensions: 35in x 18in



As you are probably aware, the government requires all mattresses to pass burn tests. We don’t use any harmful chemical flame retardants in our mattresses. We are able to pass both the 1633 open flame test and 1632 cigarette test by quilting natural wool into the organic cotton cover of your mattress. Wool is a natural flame retardant and was used in years past to make firemen’s coats. Learn More
Yes, our mattresses are fully compliant with California Proposition 65.
Yes, every mattress we make is GREENGUARD Gold Certified. Products eligible for GREENGUARD certifications are tested for the absence of 10,000+ volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and chemicals. Learn more about all of our certifications here.
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You can use any firm, flat surface for your new mattress, including box springs and platform beds. All of our mattresses are also compatible with adjustable bed bases.
Please call us promptly at (708) 246-2224 or email us at to make any changes to your order or cancel it. If you cancel an order after it's shipped, we ask that you please refuse FedEx's delivery of your order after contacting us.
Exchanges are handled as a return. Please initiate a return within your sleep trial, and then make a new mattress selection and complete your purchase. If you return a mattress and purchase the same size and style of mattress a second time, the second purchase is considered a final sale and is not eligible for the 365 Night Sleep trial and cannot be returned.
We make the most affordable, certified organic, hybrid mattress anywhere in the world. Our fine-tuned design and production process ensures you're getting a world-class mattress without the exorbitant price tag. You will enjoy a 365-night sleep trial and 20-year warranty. These guarantees are designed to demonstrate our confidence in the comfort and durability our mattresses provide.
We require that our customers fulfill a 30-day trial period before requesting a refund. We're so confident that you'll love our mattress after you've slept on it that we offer a 365 Night Sleep Trial. Should you decide to request a refund during this time, contact us for assistance.
Almost all orders arrive within two business weeks after an order is placed. We begin processing your order as soon as it is received and may even ship as soon as the next day.
We use a roll-packing machine to wrap all mattresses in plastic designed for mattresses and then box them for shipping. When your mattress arrives, unbox it in the room you plan to use it in. Locate the seam of your mattress and make sure to cut carefully alongside it so you don't damage or rip your mattress's quilted cover. Make sure to unbox and unwrap your mattress within two weeks (14 days) of receiving it, otherwise your warranty is voided.
Allergic reactions to the natural latex used in our mattresses are rare, but possible. Less than one percent of the population experiences allergic reactions when coming in direct contact with natural latex. It is much more common to have allergies to the synthetic latex blends used in gloves. We cannot guarantee that our products will be non-allergenic for everyone. If you are concerned about a latex allergy, please contact us to request a free sample. At a doctor’s discretion, you can test for a skin reaction by taping the sample latex to your arm overnight.
Our mattresses contain lofty filling materials like wool, organic cotton, and latex that will compress when you first start sleeping on your new mattress. We recommend rotating the mattress, head to foot, once a month for the first 3 months, to ensure that it breaks in evenly. After this period, we recommend rotating it once a season (or every 3-4 months) to prevent body impressions.
Yes! All of the latex we use has been independently tested and approved by the industry's leading certifying organizations, like GOLS, ECO-INSTITUT, Oeko-Tex, & FSC. Learn more about the latex we use in our mattresses on this page.
The Made Safe certification proves to customers that the products they purchase are free from all hazardous substances. This certification also confers credibility and authority to manufacturers in both physical and online marketplaces where consumers have more choices than ever before. In addition to providing consumers peace of mind, the Made Safe certification also saves manufacturers both time and money. By adhering to the rigorous standards set forth by Made Safe, manufacturers are able to streamline their production processes and devote as much time as possible to making products customers love.
There are many reasons to choose a natural latex mattress. Our latex mattresses conform to your body and alleviate pressure to offer extraordinary orthopedic support. Latex is resilient and is the most durable cushioning material available; it provides years of restful sleep without sagging. The cell structure of latex makes your mattress breathable, which means you will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Latex is also ideal for allergy sufferers. It is naturally hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, and antimicrobial, which inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. With no worries about chemicals, and no tossing and turning, you will sleep more deeply and awaken ready for a new day.
We make certified organic mattresses with total peace of mind. We believe that you should never have to compromise quality or be overcharged when buying organic. Our mattresses reflect that philosophy and we are so confident that we can meet your ideals with our mattresses that we provide a 365-day trial and 20 year warranty with every purchase.
Unbox your mattress within 14 days of receiving it. We recommend using a box spring with your mattress, and one that's not more than 10 years old, bowed, or bent. If you're using a platform bed, make sure its slats are no more than 3.5 inches apart. Rotate your mattress every month for the first three months of use, and then once per season moving forward. We recommend pairing your mattress with a mattress protector to mitigate stains and liquid damage.
Being Made Safe certified means that a product is free from any substances known to be hazardous to human health, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The Made Safe certification is highly sought after by consumers and manufacturers alike, as it’s a comprehensive, independent assessment of product safety.
We offer free shipping via FedEx to all customers located in the contiguous 48 US states. Shipping fees apply to customers in Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. These terms are subject to change and are void where prohibited by federal, state, or local law.
All of our mattresses twin-sized and larger are eligible for our 20-year limited warranty. This warranty covers any structural or cosmetic defects present in our products. It doesn't cover willful mishandling of our products, normal wear and tear, and personal changes in sleep preference. If you believe there's a defect with your product, you may file a claim here.
The natural latex rubber used in our mattresses is derived from the sap of the rubber tree, while memory foam is a chemically produced synthetic petroleum product. Natural latex is safer for people with chemical sensitivities, is more durable, and normally outlasts memory foam. Most people find natural latex more comfortable; memory foam does not circulate heat effectively and has a sinking feeling. The latex in our mattresses is breathable, resilient and conforming for the best night’s sleep possible.
You’re a health-conscious consumer who cares about buying green products whenever you can. That means you’re also looking for ways to ensure that the green products you purchase are safe and free from all potentially harmful materials and ingredients. The Made Safe certification is a rigorous consumer goods program that evaluates and verifies the safety of products and ingredients used in manufacturing. Upon becoming certified, product manufacturers are able to prove that their products are free from both known and potentially hazardous chemicals and have passed an exacting safety assessment.
Mattress manufacturers are required to submit a detailed application that outlines their product’s manufacturing process and each material and substance they use. Their application is then reviewed by the Made Safe certification team, who evaluates whether or not their product and its details meet their stringent safety requirements. If the product passes Made Safe’s assessment, the manufacturer is awarded the Made Safe certification. Once a product is certified, the manufacturer must continually adhere to Made Safe’s standards and guidelines. Companies must also provide an updated version of their product documentation each year to maintain their Made Safe certification. Additionally, products must be fully reevaluated every five years to ensure that they continue to meet Made Safe’s standards.
In order to be eligible for certification, mattress manufacturers must prove their products are free of ingredients that are known or suspected to pose human health risks. Made Safe’s standards include a comprehensive assessment of each material in a mattress, as well as an evaluation of the mattress’s manufacturing process and environmental impact. Made Safe’s Restricted List contains over 6,500 substances that are banned from use in products that they certify. Here are just a few toxins commonly found in conventional mattresses which cannot be present in any Made Safe-approved mattress:
  • Trichloroethylene
  • Methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE)
  • Polyol
  • Formaldehyde
  • Benzenes
  • Toluene diisocyanates
  • Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs)
Our cotton is certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), an organization that evaluates the textiles used in thousands of industries. We use fully certified organic cotton that meets the highest standards throughout the mattress industry. Learn more about the cotton we use on our organic cotton page.
Our latex is certified by the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), which just like GOTS, is the highest material purity benchmark to pass for organic latex. We use certified organic latex in our mattresses and products. Read more about latex on our organic latex page.
Our wool is certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), an organization that evaluates the textiles used in thousands of industries. We use fully certified organic wool that meets the highest standards throughout the mattress industry. Learn more about organic wool here.
White glove delivery service is currently unavailable due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have any questions regarding your order, please call us at (708) 246-2224.
We get wool from organic wool farms around the world. The sheep that we source this organic wool from are allowed to graze freely and are treated humanely.
Our Natural Escape, Kiwi and Kiwi Bunk Bed mattresses are tufted by hand to secure the layers of each mattress together without using dangerous chemical adhesives. Tufting is a technique that dates back hundreds of years and is now used by only the finest mattress makers. Tufting makes our mattresses very durable by preventing shifting or bunching of the comfort layers during shipping and throughout the life of the mattress. Tufting also pre-compresses the innerspring to ensure each mattress has a consistent feel for many years to come. Our tufts are evenly spaced across each mattress. Each tuft is made by lacing a thin polyester cord from the bottom of your mattress, through the comfort layers, and then through the quilted top layer. The cord is then secured to the top of the mattress with a small circular piece of felt. The cord is made from polyester, because it needs to be strong enough to hold the compressed mattress. The cord features a thin metal aglet made from non-recycled American steel that holds the tufting cord in place and keeps it’s end from fraying, just like a shoelace.
No, none of our mattresses contain any off-gasses, chemical odors, or chemical residues. Any naturally-occurring odors caused by organic wool can be further dissipated by airing out your mattress for a few days before using it. Once your mattress has been in your room for a few days, it will have no odor.

Shipping & Returns

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After we receive your order, we typically ship your Charcoal Infused Organic Latex Pillow within 1-3 days or with your mattress order. We offer free shipping via FedEx to the contiguous United States. All orders should arrive within 2 weeks barring any unforeseen shipping delays with FedEx. Please check your tracking information when received and allow for extra time. If you do not receive an email with your tracking information, please check your spam folder. Orders with more than one item may be shipped in multiple boxes under a FedEx master tracking number.

Shipping fees are calculated at checkout on orders going to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. Terms are subject to change and are void where prohibited by law.


Charcoal Infused Latex Pillows are not covered by our 365-Night Sleep Trial.

Pillows may be returned in like new condition within the 100-Night Sleep trial period.