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What is Green Fashion and How You Can Get Started

Over the course of the last year, there has been a shift in our society towards more sustainable choices. When spending money, people want to support brands that are doing good for the health of people and the planet. Now more than ever, green fashion and green living go hand in hand. There are many brands available to consumers that allow them to make sustainable choices in many different areas of their life. Some people find the idea of converting their wardrobe over to more sustainable pieces overwhelming and worry about the cost. However, just like in your home, making a few solid investments over time can help you reduce your closet's carbon footprint. We have put together information about green fashion as well as some of our favorite brands to help inspire your next sustainable venture: the closet.

What is Green Fashion?

  People often have a mix of excitement and hesitation when they think about sustainable fashion wear. However, making your wardrobe more sustainable does not have to break the bank. If you want to start incorporating more eco-friendly pieces into your wardrobe, start small. Choose items that pass the 30 wears challenge. When buying clothes ask yourself if this is something you will wear again and again? Or something you will only wear occasionally? Buying staple items that you know you will wear frequently and that are sourced from sustainable retailers helps people justify the cost of going green. Another element of green fashion is incorporating vintage items into your closet. Giving old clothes new life saves them from ending up in the landfill. Your local thrift store likely has some great finds just waiting for you to discover them! You can also help keep the cycle alive by donating clothes you no longer wear for someone else to find and love. Finally, green fashion means choosing brands that focus on sustainability. Sustainable brands choose organic cotton, use green production practices and source their materials sustainably. While researching, you can also look for Fair Trade brands that prioritize the health and safety of farmers, ban the use of hazardous pesticides and the use of GMO seeds, advocate for worker's rights, and disallow child labor.

Sustainable Brands We Love

  In addition to sustainability rising in 2020, so did the need for comfortable loungewear. With a return to normalcy in 2021, we put together a list of brands that offer comfort and fashion you can feel great about whether you’re lounging, working from home or heading back to the office.


  All of Pact's products start with their sustainably grown and sourced organic cotton. Their clothes unbelievably soft and offer the whole family comfortable clothes (and underwear) for throughout the day and night. We especially love their pocket leggings which boast a versatile style that saves 42 gallons of water and empowers 4,816 people!


  Vetta, a Boston based brand, offers much more than loungewear for women. This sustainable brand blends high fashion with staple pieces your top half needs for all those Zoom meetings.


  Reformation is so green, their buildings even include recycled fabric insulation! Their EcoMove and EcoStretch fabrics are made from recycled water bottles and offer soft, comfortable pieces for the everyday. Something else that makes Reformation unique is their full Bridal Salon. Whether you are planning or attending their line of sustainable wedding attire is worth a look.


  This company offers so much more than green fashion which makes it the perfect conclusion for how to incorporate green fashion into not just your wardrobe but also your home. EcoVibe has no lack of cute and sustainable sweaters and accessories for women but they also have great options for men. While you're there you might as well browse their selection of house plants, pots, planters, and stands to add some greenery to your green life.

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