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Tips for Organic Spring Cleaning in the Bedroom

When spring finally arrives, we are seized with a desire to fling our windows wide and clear out the cobwebs. Our annual drive to give our homes a good spring cleaning has deep roots for good reason. A deep clean improves our mental and physical well-being by ridding our environment of built-up allergens and stress-inducing clutter. While it's undoubtedly a chore, the effort we put in more than pays for itself, and there's no better place to begin than in the bedroom. Why Bedrooms Get Top Billing for Spring Cleaning When you consider the hours we're asleep and all the other activities of life, bedrooms are at the top of the list of rooms that see the most everyday use. Such heavy use can contribute to the build-up of allergens and other potentially harmful household toxins which, in turn, impacts our overall health and our quality of sleep. A good night's sleep contributes significantly to our quality of life by:
  • improving concentration and productivity
  • increasing immune system functioning
  • helping to maintain a healthy weight
  • decreasing the risk of heart disease and stroke
  • supporting emotional health
Divide and Conquer For a thorough spring cleaning, we want to consider every surface of the room and all its contents. This is the time to pull those heavy pieces of furniture away from the wall, to climb into long-ignored closet corners, and to deep clean the well-used pieces of everyday life. It's also an ideal chance to clear out belongings that don't serve a restful environment. There's no need to try to tackle all the jobs at once. Start with a list of all the tasks and a timeline for completion. Setting goals ahead of time is a powerful motivator and a proven key to success. Gradual improvement feels great and helps us to see a job through. The Importance of a Clean Mattress Conservatively, we spend about one-third of our lives lying in bed. Even when we are sleeping on an ideal mattress to suit our needs, it's important to keep the mattress clean. Naturally protecting a mattress from allergens with our organic cotton protector makes cleaning easier. During spring cleaning, dig deeper with a baking soda treatment, which is ultimately vacuumed away, leaving freshness behind. A few drops of a calming essential oil, such as lavender, enhances the effect. Small stains can be treated with a paste of baking soda, salt, and water, which can be wiped away with a damp cloth. Vinegar, Baking Soda, and Beyond Though they create a fun, frothing reaction when mixed, separately, vinegar and baking soda help us spring clean our homes safely and naturally. Vinegar diluted with water inexpensively and effectively removes dust and grime from walls, windows, blinds, and most household surfaces. Baking soda worked into carpets which are then carefully vacuumed become spotless and fresh. Once the bedroom is clean, it's time to declutter. If we start small, with obvious items we're sure we no longer want or need, the task is less daunting. Even a little progress can have important health benefits such as:
  • less stress
  • improved mood
  • increased feelings of effectiveness and life satisfaction
  • more energy throughout the day
In short, clamping down on clutter helps us feel in control, and it helps turn our surroundings into a restorative haven, leading to a better quality of life overall. As we approach another spring, go beyond cleaning and consider whether it's time to update your bedding. From mattresses to accessories, My Green Mattress offers healthy, organic, and comfortable products that will improve your health and complement your life.

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