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Organic Mattress: 10 Reasons Why Organic Mattresses Are Important

An organic mattress is a wonderful convergence of eco-minded consumer demand, global supply chain opportunities, and beautiful product design. Decades ago, goods like sustainable mattresses may have been nice to dream about but difficult to produce for hundreds of customers at a time.

Today, an organic mattress isn’t just a cool thought–it’s a consumer goods reality. But that doesn’t mean every organic mattress is made the same. In fact, there are multiple characteristics that set some organic mattresses apart from others.

Plus, organic mattresses aren’t just nice to sleep on–they’re also better for the environment and last up to twice as long as synthetic mattresses. Keep reading to discover 10 reasons why organic mattresses are important and why you should consider buying one.


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Organic Mattresses: What Are They?

An organic mattress is a bed made with certified organic materials like cotton, latex, and wool instead of manmade materials like polyurethane foam and polyester. Inorganic mattresses (which may make use of some clean materials or be completely synthetic) not only use polyurethane, they use other manmade materials like polyol, styrene, polyester, and zipped-on covers.

In order for a mattress to be considered certified organic, it must pass strict regulatory requirements by organizations like the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). These two leading regulatory bodies evaluate the source, processing, and physical quality of organic textiles and latex.

GOTS and GOLS certify a mattress as organic if at least 95% of its total material content comes from completely organic sources. This includes not just the raw materials but also the earth on which the materials were grown and harvested and the supplies used to clean, pack, and ship the materials.

Just because mattresses pass GOLS’ and GOTS’ certifications with 95% organic materials doesn’t mean the other 5% of materials are neglected, though. Any inorganic materials must be as ethically and sustainably sourced as possible, within the supply chain or production limitations of those remaining materials.

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Best Organic Mattresses: 4 Characteristics to Know

Since 2007, we’ve been making the best organic mattress that’s affordable for the entire family. Here are some of the leading qualities of our best organic mattresses:

  • Industry-best coil count and spring support. Not only do we have a higher coil count than all of our competitors, we proprietarily designed them for superior support. Our mattress springs are individually pocketed to ensure zero motion transfer, which also creates a greater feeling of support across the entire bed.
  • 100% certified organic latex, cotton, and wool. It’s no surprise that we work with some of the world’s best suppliers for our 100% organic cotton, latex, and wool. We want our customers to have nothing but the best and that means the highest material quality we can find, down to the last inch in our hand-cut panels.
  • Proprietary zone support for maximum sleeping comfort. At My Green Mattress we believe beds aren’t just rectangular objects you lay on; they ought to be remarkably comfortable everywhere your body needs the most support. That’s why we’ve designed our products to offer more support on the edge, shoulder, and lumbar zones of the bed while keeping the shoulder and foot regions lighter.
  • Unbeatable product longevity. Another hallmark of our best organic mattresses are how long they last. Most mattresses last about eight to 10 years if you take good care of them. Some mattresses may last up to 15 years if they aren’t damaged. We offer a 20-year warranty on our organic mattresses, which is an industry-leading offer, too. How can we make such an offer? We use the highest quality materials, build a mattress the only way it should be built, and include rare enhancements like thorough quilted top stitching and hand-tufting.

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Affordable Organic Mattress: How They’re Made

The most affordable organic mattress is our own, the Kiwi mattress. It starts at just $749 and is available in all sizes from twin to Cal-king. This is significantly cheaper than other organic mattresses on the market.

Wondering how we’re able to offer such a great price in the midst of high quality materials? Here’s an overview of how we make it happen:

  • Sourcing excellent materials. After 15 years of making the most affordable organic mattress on the market, we’ve found the best suppliers a mattress company can hope to work with. We know that if we choose suppliers who source materials properly, our end product will be that much better.
  • Perfecting our factory line. Our factory is certified organic too, which means we don’t use anything toxic or harmful to produce beds. Machines produce our springs and a few other components of our beds, and everything else is done by hand.
  • Minimizing waste. When we’re taking raw materials and fashioning them into parts that eventually become completed mattresses, we recycle as many unused pieces as possible. This leads to the most eco-friendly process possible, given our supplies and manufacturing needs. We also train our employees to be as efficient as possible with their workflows to lower expenses and increase profits.
  • Charging a reasonable price. As cool as it is to read about our materials and processes, at the end of the day most customers are only concerned about the price. We price our mattresses such that we never have to sacrifice quality while still making our products available to everyone. We also offer payment plans through Affirm so you can buy with greater payment flexibility while adhering to your personal values.

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Why Organic Mattress? | Why Organic Mattresses Are Important

Now the golden question is, why organic mattress and not just conventional? Why not buy something that’s “good enough” and potentially cheaper? There are plenty of reasons not to go the conventional route.

Here are three reasons why organic mattresses are important:

  • They’re made of better materials and therefore better for your health. The average individual spends about six to eight hours sleeping per night, which amounts to 26 years of sleep throughout the typical lifespan. Anything you spend that much time doing is important! Instead of risking your health with hazardous and potentially life-threatening chemicals in run-of-the-mill mattresses,
  • They last longer. Products built with integrity will last longer by design. That’s why we’ve been so successful for 15 years and continue to develop products that resonate with customers.
  • They’re easier on the earth. Using materials like cotton, wool, and latex means organic mattress manufacturers don’t need to rely on harsh chemical compounds to make flame-retardant mattresses. Some of the chemicals used in non-organic mattresses are polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and antimony trioxide.

Benefits of Organic Mattress

Still not convinced? Don’t worry. We’ve done all the research on sustainable mattresses so you don’t need to!

There are even more benefits of organic mattresses that we haven’t covered above. Here are some of the most valuable:

  • Support a greener Earth. Many people care about making more ecologically-sound choices but aren’t always sure how to go about it. Buying an organic mattress is a large step towards living a more green-minded lifestyle.
  • Less junk in landfills. Sadly, over 50,000 mattresses are thrown out every day in the United States and about 20 million of those end up in landfills annually. Those who buy our organic mattresses mitigate society’s reliance on landfills because every part of our organic mattresses can either be recycled or is biodegradable.
  • The deepest sleep you can possibly experience. Yes, it’s true–organic mattresses really do offer the best sleep of your life. Smooth cotton, supportive latex, and insulative wool make a powerhouse combination that simply can’t be replicated with synthetic fibers. Our materials help you sleep cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter because organic fibers allow a greater volume of air to pass through them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Organic Mattresses

While we’ve covered the essentials of organic mattresses thoroughly with our above content, there are always more questions to ask. After all, you want to feel good about your organic mattress purchase. Not just good environmentally speaking, but for your bank account, too.

We researched some of the most commonly asked questions about the best organic mattresses and provided our answers below. Check them out now:

Are Organic Mattresses Better?

Yes, organic mattresses are better for you, the environment, the people who source the organic materials, and ultimately they’re more affordable in the long run. Organic mattresses are made with the purest bedding materials without sacrificing structural integrity–and in fact, they enhance integrity.

Organic mattresses are also better than conventional ones because they don’t use toxic chemical compounds and manmade substances to pass flame retardancy tests. In order to pass the regulations set by Underwriter Laboratories (UL), thousands of household goods must prove that they don’t pose a threat to end users–including mattresses.

Since mattresses contain materials that are otherwise flammable, like cotton, mattress manufacturers must use either synthetic or organic flame retardant materials. Wool is one of the only currently certifiably organic materials that’s naturally flame retardant, which is why sustainable mattress manufacturers use it.

What Is the Healthiest Type of Mattress?

The healthiest type of mattress is a certified organic mattress. Certified organic mattresses must be 95% or more organic materials in order to pass regulatory body inspections.

Organic mattresses are healthiest because they don’t use harmful flame-retardant chemicals, they’re literally more breathable, and they last up to twice as long as conventional mattresses.

Are Organic Mattresses Legit?

Yes, organic mattresses are as legit as they come! Legitimacy is often a matter of the materials used to make a mattress and the production process for the finished good. Most consumers, manufacturers, and professionals agree that organic is the best one can get.

Should You Sleep on an Organic Mattress?

Yes, it’s definitely worth a try! Even if you’ve never slept on an organic mattress before, chances are you’ll love it when you experience it.

Many people find that they fall asleep and stay asleep more easily on an organic mattress. They usually smell cleaner, provide more support than foam mattresses, are easier to maintain, and ultimately provide more restful sleep.

My Green Mattress has been making the best organic mattresses for 15 years and counting. We know what it’s like to have the cleanest, most comfortable sleep possible–and we want you to enjoy it, too.

Shop our organic mattresses now and take advantage of month-to-month payments if you prefer. Have any questions? Our knowledgeable customer service team is just one message away.

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