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Kiwi Organic Mattress Vs. Avocado Eco Mattress

As a modern consumer you have dozens of organic mattress brands competing for your attention. Finding one that fulfills your values of environmentally conscious living, offers incredible sleep, doesn’t break the bank, and lasts decades can seem difficult to find.

Many people believed all of these mattress benefits couldn’t be found in the same product–until recently. Ever since we started My Green Mattress 16 years ago, our mission has been providing families and individuals a mattress they can count on without overcharging.

We use sustainably-sourced materials to build products that stand the test of time without compromising on nightly comfort and visual appeal. As such, it’s worth knowing the facts about our mattress compared to others so you can make the most informed decision possible:

Side-by-Side Comparison

We’ve been selling our Kiwi Organic mattress for years, but it was recently improved to offer even more support and comfort at the perfect price point for any household.

Kiwi Organic Mattress with woman resting on top

The Kiwi Organic mattress has been upgraded with:

  • More coils (up to 1,140 coils) for superior contouring
  • Added lumbar support for proper spinal alignment and lower back comfort
  • Two full inches of certified organic latex on the sleeping surface to keep pressure off shoulders and hips (especially important for adult sleepers)
  • Longer 365-night, no-pressure sleep trial to experience it first hand

Despite all of these best-in-class material upgrades, we aren’t increasing the price! Get the sleep you deserve without a bigger price tag.

The Kiwi Organic mattress remains the leading choice over our top competitor, the Avocado Eco mattress. The Kiwi mattress boasts:

  • A 20-year warranty vs. Avocado’s 10 year warranty
  • A 365-night sleep trial vs. Avocado’s 100-night sleep trial
  • Button tufting to hold the mattress filling together without adhesives vs. Avocado’s lack of button tufting
  • Added lumbar support in the coil system vs. Avocado’s lack of lumbar support
  • More springs for better support and contouring (up to 1140 pocketed coil springs in the Kiwi vs. Avocado’s 988)
  • The Kiwi Queen mattress starting price of $1,099 vs. Avocado’s Eco Queen mattress starting price of $1,299

Make the natural choice and buy your My Green Mattress today. Browse all of our mattress variations, add organic bedding, and all-natural sleep accessories to complete your healthy bedroom. Have questions? Our knowledgeable, friendly customer service team is one message or call away.

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