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Helpful Tips For Sleeping Well With A Partner

Helpful Tips For Sleeping Well With A Partner

Most people have a desire to sleep in the same bed as their partner, but this doesn't mean there won't be some bumps in the road when sharing your bed. This is especially true if you have slept in a bed by yourself for most of your life, only to begin sharing your bed in adulthood. Thankfully, there are certain tips that can help make sharing a bed not only possible, but also enjoyable. This means that you get to enjoy the snuggles, while still getting your space and comfort when you are sleeping. Here are 3 helpful tips.

Find A Blanket Situation That Works For You

One challenge of sharing a bed is the fact that your blankets just never seem to function like you'd like them to. You may find that your partner hogs most of the blankets, therefore leaving you cold and fighting for the covers all night long. Another issue with blankets is the fact that they make you aware of pretty much every move your partner makes. This is due to the fact that the blankets shift with each movement, even if the mattress doesn't. To combat the problem with losing your portion of the blanket each time your partner rolls over, you can consider buying an oversized comforter. For example, if you have a queen sized bed, you can purchase a king size comforter for it. This ensures that there is enough blanket hanging over the edge of the bed for both of you to keep your covers all night long. If you don't like feeling the blankets move each time your partner moves, then you should consider getting separate sheets and blankets. This allows you to sleep through their movements during the night, when you would've otherwise been woken up.

Get A Fan Or Noise Machine

If you are a light sleeper, then it is likely true that every little noise wakes you up in the night. However, even if you aren't a light sleeper, the deep snoring of your partner may still wake you up all night long. The best way to drown out these noises is with more noise. This can be done either by purchasing a fan or a noise machine. The great thing about these devices is that while they create more noise, it is a steady sound that helps drown out the small sounds you would otherwise hear in the night or the sounds of your partner's snoring.

Make Sure Your Bed Is Big Enough

The size of your bed is very important. Most of the time, the size of bed that you need is affected by a few different things. One thing to take into consideration is how much you and your partner move in your sleep. The more you move, the bigger bed you will need. Another thing to consider is how big you and your partner are. If you are both tall and large people, then a queen size bed likely isn't going to cut it. When it comes to shopping for a bed that is big enough for the two of you, don't be afraid to test several sizes out. You may think that a queen is big enough, only to find that a king actually works better for the two of you. Our Natural Escape mattress is great for couples, as it provides a true middle ground for different types of sleepers and does an excellent job of minimizing transfer of motion from one sleeper to the next.

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