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Healthy Sleep and Immune Function

Healthy Sleep and Immune Function

It is probably not new information to you that getting enough sleep plays an important role in keeping you healthy. You may not be aware that it is not just the duration of your sleep but also the quality of that sleep that affects how well your immune system functions. Without full nights of deep, restful sleep, your body's immune system may not function as well as it needs to prevent you from getting sick. During a good deep sleep, chemicals called cytokines are released by the immune system. Some of them work to promote sleep and some form the first line of defense against unhealthy germs, bacteria or viruses that enter the body. These cytokines trigger the response of the rest of the body's infection fighters. If a person does not get enough deep, restful sleep, not enough of these cytokines are released. When this happens, the body's immune response can be delayed leading to more ailments that may last longer. There are several steps you can take to get a more restful night's sleep. The room you sleep in plays a large role on how easy it is for you to fall asleep and how restful that sleep is once you achieve it. Your bedroom should be a respite from the worries and turmoil of the day. It is best to select calming colors for your walls and décor and keep the lighting dim. It may also help to keep your bedroom a phone and laptop free zone. This will discourage you from using these items right before sleep which has been shown to make deep sleep more difficult to achieve. Take note of the smells and air quality in your room. Harsh chemical smells as well as dusty or musty smells can keep you from relaxing or may trigger allergies. Living plants are a great way to improve the appearance and air quality of your bedroom. They not only remove harmful chemicals from the air but some, like Lavender, feature aromas that promote relaxation. While keeping your bedding and sheets clean, fresh smelling and free of allergens is important to a restful night's sleep, let's not forget that the foundation of every bed, and every night's sleep is a mattress. No matter what else you do, you are unlikely to get a good night's sleep without the right mattress. There are a lot of factors that affect the quality of a mattress, including its age, how it was made and what it was made of. Older mattresses may not only be suffering from years of wear and tear, they were manufactured in a time when most were not aware or concerned about the chemicals that might be leaching out of their mattresses while they slept. Thankfully, things have changed, and now it is possible to get mattresses that are well-made, comfortable and organic. A mattress that has been manufactured out of all organic materials can't expose you to chemicals while you sleep because they were never there to begin with. Another advantage to organically made mattresses is that they are also free of the most common allergens. Having your allergies triggered every time you lay down to sleep will most certainly not lead to healthy, restful sleep. Rather than medicate your allergic reaction away, why not find a mattress that won't trigger them in the first place. If you are ready to see how much better you will feel after sleeping well on a high quality, organic mattress, check out those available at My Green Mattress. Manufactured right here in the United States, in a factory that is both socially and environmentally responsible, these mattresses are made from materials that have been organically grown, harvested and processed. Do your immune system, and the rest of your body, a favor and shop MyGreenMattress.com today.
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