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What Is a Fiberglass-Free Mattress? 13 Tips to Know

If hearing about fiberglass in mattresses has you scratching your head, you aren’t alone. In a consumer marketplace ever more focused on sustainable, eco-friendly goods, it’s surprising to come across such information.

There’s only one reason mattress manufacturers use fiberglass, but if you value a mattress made with clean materials, fiberglass-free is the way to go. Keep reading for more information about why companies use fiberglass and why fiberglass-free mattresses are best.

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Fiberglass Mattresses

Some mattress manufacturers turn to flame-retardant socks stuffed with fiberglass to meet government and industry safety requirements. While many people see fiberglass only as a solid material, it can be turned into a cotton-like material that’s light while still serving a purpose.

Fiberglass is a mixture of reinforced plastic and glass, so you can see how its name was developed. Manufacturers of fiberglass control the ratio of glass to plastic and create a mattress-ready variation with advanced machinery.

All mattress companies must pass strict flame retardancy tests in order to be considered safe by Underwriter Labs (UL). UL is the organization that tests consumer products for safety and efficacy. Products approved by UL are considered more reputable because they’ve been independently tested for use by everyday individuals.

In the interest of time and profitability, some mattress makers turn to fiberglass to address the industry’s needs while getting products in consumers’ hands faster. Fiberglass does meet these needs but stands in stark contrast to mattress brands that care even a little bit about material purity.

By now you’re probably wondering, “Where do fiberglass-free mattresses come in?” It starts with the fact that millions of consumers don’t want anything artificial in their mattresses.

The average person spends one third of their life sleeping and countless consumers have woken up to the fact (pun intended) that mattress materials matter. Fiberglass flies in the face of eco-minded lifestyle goals and just a general interest in better daily sleep.

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Here are the concrete drawbacks of fiberglass in a mattress:

  • All fiberglass emits volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Volatile organic compounds are big groups of chemicals that emit “off gasses.” In the short term these are either barely or not at all noticeable, but over time, VOCs can contribute to or cause respiratory ailments, low energy symptoms, and other health issues.
  • Fiberglass can make its way through mattress layers and cause cuts. Fiberglass is made with some glass, after all, and edged glass can cut through other substances. While it’s not at all common, if a fiberglass-filled mattress has been damaged or heavily indented, some of the fiberglass may start poking through outer mattress layers. This not only further damages the mattress but poses a safety risk.
  • Fiberglass can exacerbate existing health conditions. A high degree or frequent exposure to fiberglass can worsen existing health concerns. Such concerns include bronchitis, asthma, stomach pain, and skin sensitivities. If you or your loved ones already have environmental sensitivities, sleeping on a mattress with fiberglass inside will only make it worse.

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Fiberglass-Free Mattress

We’ve seen a lot of eco-minded and organic mattresses throughout our years in business. At the end of the day, we have to offer our own certified organic hybrid mattress as the best fiberglass-free mattress out there.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when sleeping on a My Green Mattress bed:

  • Higher coil count for greater support. We have a higher coil count than our closest competitors for all of our beds. This means a more comfortable night’s sleep without any added cost or materials.
  • Top-quality organic materials. Everything we do at My Green Mattress is based on material purity, from the wool and cotton in our beds to our organic sheets and latex pillows. We use the best materials we can find without compromising on product longevity and comfort. Learn more about our certified organic factory and frequently asked questions.
  • Proprietarily designed five-zone support system. You need more than a bed that’s comfortable; you need one that supports your body where it’s needed most. All of our beds have fine-tuned support zones that are firmer and softer where need be. This way you can sleep well for years to come on the same mattress.
  • Zero additives, chemicals, toxins, or harmful flame retardants. Instead of any of the junk you’ll find in conventional mattresses, we use organic wool as our flame retardant. Wool passes all industry-standard flame tests while providing maximum airflow. You’ve never seen a materially cleaner bed.
  • No fiberglass. As you’ve learned by now, our mattresses contain no fiberglass or any other man made additives. Every aspect of our beds are as Earth-friendly as possible, from the pocketed innersprings to the hand-tufted finishes.

Affordable Fiberglass-Free Mattress

There are hundreds of mattresses you can pick from; how do you know a good, affordable fiberglass-free mattress when you see one?

These are the characteristics of an affordable, fiberglass-free mattress:

  • Made with organic materials. Quality, affordable, fiberglass-free mattresses that are made with organic materials are the best alternative. Believe it or not, these materials actually last longer and have no harmful effects on you and your loved ones.
  • Within a reasonable price range. While mattress prices vary wildly, you can find excellent fiberglass-free ones for less than $1,000. Our own Kiwi hybrid organic mattress starts at $749 and is the perfect alternative to conventional mattresses.
  • Offers a payment plan. A solid fiberglass-free mattress company will offer a payment plan. Shelling out all of the money needed for a mattress upon purchase isn’t possible for everyone, and that’s okay. Mattress companies that put their customers first make it as easy as possible to buy.
  • Includes a rock-solid warranty. Any mattress brand that has created a product they can stand behind includes a great warranty with it. The longer the warranty, the better the bed. We offer an industry-leading 20-year warranty for all of our beds.
  • Plenty of customer testimonials. If the company you’re considering has made a phenomenal mattress, customers are going to be over the moon about it. Don’t hesitate to check out the company’s reviews and read enough of them to know you’re making the right decision. Take a look at our own, while you’re at it.

Fiberglass-Free Mattress In a Box

We’ve gone one step further and created a fiberglass-free mattress in a box that ships directly to your door. This offers you the convenience of online shopping including the ease and speed of the mattress showing up at your doorstep, making it even easier to get it into your house.

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Fiberglass-Free Mattress Topper

Want your sleep experience to be the best it can be? You might have looked at toppers already. A mattress topper is an additional layer of latex placed on top of your mattress but underneath your protector.

There are definitely fiberglass-free mattress toppers out there, you just need to know where to find them. We make ours with two inches of GOLS-certified organic latex so they last as long as possible without any loss in experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fiberglass-Free Mattresses

It can be a bit jarring to discover that some mattresses have fiberglass in them, so we totally understand if you have more questions. We looked up the most frequently asked questions about fiberglass’ relation to mattresses, organic and otherwise, and compiled our answers below.

Check them out now:

What Mattresses Don’t Use Fiberglass?

There are too many mattresses online to list here, but thousands of mattresses don’t use fiberglass at all. Hundreds of brands make latex-based mattresses, dozens of brands make certified organic mattresses, and still other brands still make mattresses with manmade materials like polyester.

How Do You Know If a Mattress Has Fiberglass?

You’ll know if a mattress has fiberglass by checking information on a mattress brand’s website, product page, product warranty, and/or care instructions. Not all mattress brands that use fiberglass are open about this fact, so you may need to do some digging.

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, look for the product’s material details sheet or contact their customer service. In most cases, customer service staff are happy to answer your questions.

Do All Mattresses Have Fiberglass In Them?

No, there are dozens of mattress brands and hundreds of individual products that don’t use fiberglass. Most mattresses built today are either hybrid mattresses, latex mattresses, or latex-free mattresses. While fiberglass is an approved flame-retardant material, it’s considered a suboptimal material for air purity and holistic wellness goals.

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Should I Be Worried About Fiberglass In My Mattress?

When fiberglass is being used correctly in general, there usually aren’t any concerns with it. That being said, fiberglass is a manmade material and doesn’t have any place in a clean mattress.

Some manufacturers turn to fiberglass to improve a mattress’s flame resistance, forcing the mattress to melt rather than engage in large, open flames.

When you can sleep on a lush, organic mattress with all of the sleep benefits and none of the health drawbacks, why wouldn’t you? You’re right where you should be.

My Green Mattress makes the world’s best organic mattresses for everyone in your family. Check out our Kiwi bunk bed and Emily organic crib mattress for your little ones, or our Kiwi and Natural Escape for you and yours. Here’s to world-class sleep starting now!

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