5 Scary Things That a Lack Of Sleep Can Surprisingly Cause

5 Scary Things That a Lack Of Sleep Can Surprisingly Cause

We have all heard it over and over - getting a good night's sleep is crucial. Sleep is the answer to a lot of common problems; you catch a cold - "make sure you get a lot of sleep"; you have a big decision to make? - "sleep on it"; feeling extra anxious, sensitive or depressed? - "you are just tired, get some sleep". Although, most of these ailments are pretty common in most people at some time or another, what you may not know is that the lack of sleep can sometimes be the culprit in some pretty serious conditions.

Lack of Sleep Has Been Connected to Alzheimer's Disease.

According to an article published by The Mayo Clinic, Dr. Peterson stated: "There were several studies on the impact of sleep, on developing cognitive impairment and maybe even Alzheimer's disease, showing that disrupted sleep, sleep apnea, various disorders of breathing can be deleterious with regard to cognitive function, and maybe even the development of Alzheimer's disease." Alzheimer's disease is a sad and debilitating disease, so it is essential to make sure that you take care of your brain and get your sleep. Keep in regular contact with the seniors in your life and share the importance of quality sleep - after all, Alzheimer's is typically known to affect the older population.

Cardiovascular Disease

Shortened sleep or lack of sleep can increase what is known as CRP (C-reactive protein). A high CRP level increases the risk for cardiovascular disease. Research has shown that "Sleep Deficiency and Deprivation lead to Cardiovascular Disease." Show your heart some love and consider changing up your sleeping routine if it isn't quite what it should be.

Vision Health

Not only does lack of sleep cause those ugly dark circles under your eyes but over time it may cause strained vision. When you don't get enough sleep, you may also be prone to getting "dry eye" - a condition that causes your tears to inadequately lubricate your eyes. Take care of your vision and get some shut eye.


We have all heard of at least some of these diets: The Atkins Diet, The South Beach Diet, The Paleo Diet, The Vegan Diet - and that is just to name a few. There is another way to manage your weight - you guessed it - getting regular, good quality sleep. Sleep has been shown to help with obesity problems that many people struggle with. So, although, the diets may work well, start off on the right foot and ensure that you're maximizing your weight loss efforts by consistently getting sufficient sleep.

Car Accidents

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has announced that "Insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic." Sleep deprivation can also be extremely dangerous. Studies have shown that sleep-deprived people who were tested using a driving simulator scored just as bad, and sometimes even worse than, intoxicated people. It is no wonder that driving while sleep-deprived is the cause of thousands of car crashes every year! Don't drive without sleep - it is not worth the risk. Unarguably, sleep is one of the best things you can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. At My Green Mattress we really care about your overall health and well-being, that is why our motto is "Pure. Simple. Sleep." Remember, not all mattresses are created equally. Our mattresses are GREENGUARD Gold certified and all of our mattresses are tested and safe for the most sensitive individuals. Contact us today for more information and to start your journey towards a better night's sleep which equates to better health. Now when you say, "Goodnight" you can actually mean "Great-night".

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