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My Green Mattress 2022 Award Highlights

Finding a product that matches your needs and your budget is increasingly difficult in a market where there are more options than ever before. That’s why many shoppers turn to reputable consumer reporting brands to find products that match their values and their preferences.

In 2022, we were honored to receive several awards and mentions on green and organic mattress lists. Check out five highlights from recent months below!

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Best Overall Crib Mattress by Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping oversees the Good Housekeeping Institute, which is a diverse panel of experts dedicated to reviewing baby supplies and products. The institution awarded our Emily Crib mattress the best overall crib mattress in 2022.

One of the Best Online Mattress Companies of 2023

The Spruce is a home improvement brand that offers recommendations on everything from gardening tools and home appliances to home decor and furniture. The brand listed us, and specifically our Natural Escape, as one of the highest quality organic mattresses online.

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Best Budget-Friendly Organic Mattress for 2023

CNET, the world-famous technology news and consumer reporting site, awarded the title of best budget-friendly organic mattress to us. The Natural Escape continues to rise through the ranks of organic mattresses, not just for eco-minded consumers but for anyone looking for a purer choice in bedding.

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Best Mattress for Kids

The Sleep Doctor, a sleep health education site, awarded our Kiwi the best mattress for kids in 2023. The Kiwi is indeed one of the best options for children, as it offers all of the comfort kiddos expect with none of the toxins or chemicals that are otherwise often present in children’s beds.

Best Organic Mattress for Back Sleepers

Forbes Vetted–one of the US’ premier consumer reporting channels–also named our Natural Escape as the best organic mattress for back sleepers. Vetted is absolutely right, as our proprietarily-designed five-zone mattress base offers unmatched support for every area of your body that needs it.

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Best Firm Organic Mattress of 2023

The Spruce awarded us best firm organic mattress of 2023, noting our industry-leading pocketed coil innerspring design. Our fine-tuned mattress base is what’s allowed us to offer the support and durability of a traditionally-built mattress with the feel of a luxurious modern mattress–all without using harmful substances. The Spruce highlighted our Natural Escape, which is our flagship mattress and the best option for couples.

Best Mattress for Sleeping With Your Baby

Co-sleeping is a growing trend among families, especially mothers who want their children to grow up in as toxin-free an environment as possible. Evidence-Based Mommy listed us as one of the best mattresses for co-sleeping with your newborn. The Kiwi is our most affordable option for just you and your baby, and the Natural Escape is ideal for couples co-sleeping with their baby.

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