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What to Look for in a Sunscreen and a Spotlight on Zinc

What to Look for in a Sunscreen and a Spotlight on Zinc

When it comes to materials and ingredients, here at My Green Mattress, we know how important it is to choose ones that are safe. This is why we’re chiming in on one of the most frequent topics being discussed by moms this summer: what to look for in a sunscreen AND, when it comes to sunscreens containing zinc, which is better, nano or non-nano and why?

Why Zinc?

Zinc provides great coverage from the sun when mixed with a carrier of some sort (like an oil). Being a mineral, zinc is able to sit on top of the skin and reflect the sun by scattering away ultraviolet rays. It is also known to lower inflammation and to improve wound healing and prevention of infections.

Non-Nano Vs. Nano

As far as its use in skin care products, such as sunscreen, zinc comes in two forms - nano and non-nano. These terms refer to the size of the particles used. A nano-particle is a piece of material that is so small it has to be measured in nanometers. The problem with a nano particle is that because it is so tiny, it can be absorbed into the skin. Though zinc is beneficial for our body, too much of it, like anything, is not, so you don’t want it seeping in. This is why NON-nano, meaning bigger than a nano-particle, is what you DO want to see in your skin care products containing zinc. This way, it stays on top of the skin, instead of being absorbed.

Going Organic

Zinc, itself, cannot be certified organic, but the ingredients that it’s paired with can! Choosing a sunscreen made out of organic ingredients is important. Anything not organic means that it is either synthetic OR something sprayed with pesticides while it was growing. Pesticides cannot be washed off or cooked out, as they seep into the skin and cells of what they are sprayed on. You don’t want these same chemicals absorbed into your largest organ, your skin. Simply put, when looking for sunscreens, consider choosing ones that contain non-nano zinc with all other ingredients labeled as organic.

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