Valentines Day For The Eco Friendly Couple

Valentine’s Day For The Eco-Friendly Couple

More and more, the importance of being conscious of the state of our environment is making its way into every aspect of our lives. Many couples enjoy Valentine's Day with fancy gifts and extravagant meals but some are more interested in staying true blue to our ecosystem. We wanted to give you some suggestions on ways you can share a loving, memorable and eco-friendly Valentine's Day with the one you love.

Plant Some Seeds

Spring is just around the corner from Valentine's Day. Using any number of planters, get some soil and work together, planting the seeds for a nice vegetable garden in the spring. By the time the weather warms, you will have seedlings ready to transplant in the yard (or to pots) that will nourish you and remind you of the chilly day in February you spent together, getting them started. They will continue to bring joy long after the day has passed, as you nurture them together and create a fabulous garden.

Cook a Meal Together

But wait... Not just any shopping. According to science, couples who cook together, stay together. In fact, 87 percent of couples surveyed by Light Speed GMI said cooking is one of the most important aspects of keeping their relationship happy. Why? Cooking together requires communication which is, quite possibly, the most important aspect of any relationship. So, this Valentine's Day, check out the local farmer's markets or even local farms. Work together to buy special ingredients and take them home and make a fabulous lunch or dinner together.

Go for a Hike

Nature is all around and there are plenty of places to bundle up, throw on some boots and take in the view. Parks and trails hold a vast array of plants, animals and plenty of fresh air. Why not make it a day? Load up a backpack with your favorite snacks and a bottle of wine (or water). Make sure to take your camera!


Volunteering together is different from working together, which can cause stress. But by volunteering, you give of yourselves to others and fortify your collective commitment to the environment. Whether your passion is clean water, trees, or animals, volunteering at a local organization or with a local group, is sure to strengthen your bond as well as give you a healthy dose of memories to keep close to your heart.

Have a Bonfire

Bonfires are not just for scary stories, roasting marshmallows, and making smores. A simple oven rack over a couple of cinder blocks can serve as a romantic way to cook a pot of stew or soup while you sit around the fire and toast the evening together. As we've already said: couples who cook together, stay together. Why not go back to basics and cook a nice pot of food over a fire together?

Venture Our & Learn

Learning together can strengthen your relationship. It not only cultivates knowledge for you as an individual, but it opens dialogue and gives you more to talk about with one another. Is there a place you drive by all of the time and always want to go, but never do? What about your partner? Have you ever wondered about the little shop tucked out of the way? Or questioned what is down "that road" that you always go past but never venture down? Why not have an adventure this Valentine's Day?

Take a Bike Ride

Bicycling is not only healthy but fun! Work out a route together - maybe one that goes by a nice small cafe' or local coffee shop - and spend the day pedaling together. Stop by a pond to feed the ducks (be sure to bring some old bread). Fresh air and adventure awaits you (as well as a nice dose of exercise). Ultimately, how you spend Valentine's Day does not have to be exotic, expensive or extravagant. Whether you go out to a movie, stay snuggled in bed together all day (preferably on one of our mattresses!), or build/create something together, you'll be building on the love you already share with one another and creating memories. Why not maximize your day and pack in as many of these ideas as you can?

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