The NEW Pure Echo Mattress

The NEW Pure Eco Mattress

An echo by definition may be interpreted as “a close parallel or repetition of an idea, feeling, style or event.” It was 10 years ago that our fearless leader, Tim Masters (AKA, the Bedhead) started the Pure Eco line and thus My Green Mattress, as a true labor of love when his second oldest daughter suffered from eczema and other medical conditions. Tim and his wife Cindy felt that a chemical free mattress made from organic and natural inputs would help their little girl, as it would reduce her exposure to any toxins and irritants as she slept. The Pure Echo was created, perfect in itself, with organic cotton, 460 count coils, Joma wool and natural latex, but now, perfection is echoed in this new iteration. May we present, the NEW Pure Echo. Still hand crafted with love in Chicago by Tim and his mattress makers (who have been making mattresses for over 30 years), the new and improved Pure Echo boasts 760 count individually wrapped coils. Yes, it's true. This is almost double the industry standard in count, and you will notice the difference. Individually wrapped coils create a sleep system that eliminates motion transfer; ie – when your partner, or cuddly toddler, or puppy, or cat (you get the idea) moves around during the night, you won't even notice. Only the coils directly beneath the downward pressure will depress, as opposed to a normal innerspring mattress that diffuses the motion throughout the bed. In addition to eliminating motion transfer, these coils will perfectly contour the curves of the body, keeping the spine in alignment. Extra individually wrapped springs in the bed makes for extra spring in your step in the morning. Beyond this improvement, we are very pleased to announce that we will now be shipping all of our mattresses via FedEx, roll-packed for easy delivery, and shipping will remain free! Now your new mattress will arrive wrapped in heavy duty plastic without a box, to reduce the carbon footprint. Apartment dwellers will be able to receive their mattresses with ease! You'll also only have to wait about a week to receive your new Pure Echo. Please note, if you purchase a mattress and box spring set, your mattresses will be shipped via courier in a full dimensional box as we cannot roll pack a box spring! From our family to yours, we wish you sweet dreams.

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