Benefits of Organic Cotton vs. Conventional Cotton

If you’re looking for a mattress, you should take time to consider whether or not the mattress you’re looking at is made with organic cotton. While “organic” is often thought of as a buzzword, the truth is that there are health and environmental benefits to making sure your cotton products, including your mattress, are made from certified organic cotton. There are many benefits to your health and our environment when you choose products made with organic cotton

What are the dangers of pesticides and herbicides found in the conventional cotton used in your clothing and bedding products?

According to Organic Authority, “cotton covers 2.5% of the world’s cultivated land, yet it accounts for 24% of the world’s insecticide market and 11% of the sale of global pesticides.” Cotton is often considered the “dirtiest crop” because of the excessive use of pesticides in its growth. On top of this, 1-3% of agricultural workers suffer from acute pesticide poisoning, with at least 1 million requiring hospitalization each year. (Environmental Justice Foundation)

Californians for Pesticide Reform states that acute health issues caused by pesticides include irritation of the nose, throat, and skin causing burning, stinging, and itching, as well as rashes and blisters. Long term, chronic health conditions such as cancer; brain and nervous system damage; birth defects; infertility and damage to the liver, kidneys, lungs, and other body organs can also come as a result of repeated exposure to pesticides. While many of these illnesses may not appear until months or years down the road, now is the time to take action and choose organic cotton that is grown without the use of pesticides.

Where and how is organic cotton grown?

Organic cotton GMO and pesticide-free. According to the Soil Association, organic cotton emits up to 46% fewer greenhouse gasses than conventional cotton. Organic growing leads to healthier soil and crops and has a positive environmental impact. Certified organic cotton goes through rigorous third party testing to ensure it meets the standards that consumers expect when purchasing 100% organic cotton products.

What does the label GOTS certified organic mean on textiles?

The GOTS certification is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers and includes ecological and social criteria as part of its qualifications. In order to receive a GOTS organic certification, cotton producers must go through rigorous checking processes at every point of production.

In order for cotton to be certified organic, producers must prove that the cotton is grown from non-GMO seeds and without the use of toxic chemicals and pesticides. This also means that the soil must have been free of prohibited substances for at least three years. GOTS certification also takes into consideration other environmental impacts and human rights issues as part of the certification process. This includes every detail of production and employment.

In order for cotton to receive an “Organic” certification from GOTS, at least 95% of the fibers must be organic, meeting extensive criteria surrounding environmental concerns, human rights, and organic production methods.

My Green Mattress Certified Organic Mattresses

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