My Green Mattress A Year In Review

My Green Mattress, A Year In Review

We at My Green Mattress have been busy making improvements to our manufacturing processes and to our mattresses and people are noticing!

Sharing and Caring!

We at My Green Mattress are proud to announce that we have donated over $75,000 to charities, churches, and people in need, both locally and across

Something New in our Factory!

This year, we purchased a new American made quilting machine from a small family-owned business in New York. This machine allows us to dedicate one machine to quilting our organic cotton and natural wool covers used in our My Green Mattress products. It has also helped to shorten production time so we can get our mattresses to our customers faster.

2016 Natural Mattress of the Year

Our Natural Escape Mattress was awarded the 2016 Natural Mattress of the Year award by The Sleep Sherpa. They Sleep Sherpa is an internet blogger who dedicates his time to testing and reviewing mattresses and educating the public about how to get a better night's sleep. The Sleep Sherpa noted that this mattress combines springs and natural latex for the perfect combination of support and bounce that will appeal to most people.

The Simple Sleep; Our New Mattress

This year we introduced our spring-free all natural latex mattress, the Simple Sleep. This mattress is handcrafted with a core of conforming, breathable latex and covered with a wool and organic quilted cover. Customers tell us that they love the feel, and firmness of the Simple Sleep, and find that it is priced lower than similar mattresses on the market.

The Pure Eco, Our Most Popular Mattress Redesigned

The Pure Eco is our most popular natural mattress. This year, we made some updates to the Pure Eco including replacing the spring system with an individually pocketed coil unit that has a higher coil count which is very conforming to the body. We also changed our organic cotton fabric to one with a softer feel. We even changed the stitch pattern on the quilted cover to allow for a more comfortable feel. Our customers agree that this mattress is superior.

New Organic Cotton Pillows

We are making our own pillows from re-purposed organic cotton left over from our mattress production. We are currently selling these in-store only and they are flying off the shelves. Look for these to be offered soon on our My Green Mattress website.

American Made

We pride ourselves on sourcing the best natural materials and manufacturing equipment from companies based in the United States whenever possible. We have been doing a lot of research this year and will soon announce some exciting new additions to our list of all American materials in 2017.

New Website

Our website is always a work in progress. We take the feedback of our customers and put it to work. We are always striving to make an aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, informative website to make purchasing a new mattress online easier for our customers.

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