Meet Tim Master of His Craft Organic Mattress Maker

Meet Tim. Master of His Craft: Organic Mattress Maker

Thankfully, these days more and more people are becoming aware of the toxins around them and just how dangerous they are. Many companies are changing their ways, opting for greener and organic alternatives to offer their customers. So what distinguishes one green company from another? It’s the people behind them – what they stand for and their motive and passion behind their product. Enter Tim, the brain and builder behind My Green Mattress. I have spoken with him a few times when ordering mattresses for my children and was immediately impressed by his knowledge, his candor and his compassion. He didn’t want to just sell me a mattress; he wanted me to have the safest mattress that would fit the needs of my family and my budget so that I could rest easy, knowing we had made a great choice. Talking with Tim about my mattresses made me want to learn more about him and why he started making and selling organic mattresses, so I jumped at the chance to send some questions his way.

You have been in the mattress business for many years – when did you start and how did you get into it?

Tim: I started making mattresses in 1990, as a part time job between classes and weekends. My sister’s boyfriend worked at the shop a few years earlier and recommended that I apply at the Sleep Shop. Shortly after I started, I knew down to my shoes that I would own a mattress factory some day.

What made you decide to start making and offering green mattresses?

We would make organic mattresses every now and then through the 90's for customers who would request one. When my daughter, Emily, was born in ’06, she had so many allergies and sensitivity issues that my wife, Cindy, asked if I would make an organic crib mattress for her, and I did. Soon after, I started to put together a product line that was organic and Cindy and I developed a website to bring this line of mattresses to people near and far. I am most proud to offer the Pure Echo; it is an affordable mattress that is in reach for parents who need and want to have their children on a chemical free mattress that is well made.

What mattresses do you have in your home and why?

All of my children sleep on the Pure Eco mattress. I had made a mattress about 13 years ago for Cindy and I and it is an old fashioned build, but it is holding up great.

Why does a green mattress matter?

A green mattress is important. The mattresses we make do not have any chemicals or flame-retardants. We use natural Joma Wool to pass all government regulated fire testing - both the 1633 and the 1632 tests are no problem to pass without the use of chemicals. If the average person were to take a blood test, the chemicals used in furniture and mattresses would show up in the test results (as has been found in numerous studies, including that of cord blood). It’s important that people take the responsibility to look after their lives and the ones who matter to them. People don't have to nap on a bed of chemicals – it’s dangerous and unnecessary.

What is unique about your green mattresses versus other companies?

One of the nicest parts of our company is the customer service. We have an experienced staff that not only helps with finding a mattress right for your body type and use, but the same staff answering customer questions also help to make the mattresses, so they know the product very well. We also sell factory direct with no middle-man mark up, so it is a great savings for the customer with the highest quality materials available. I only buy materials from the USA and will not import the things that we can get right here. However, the latex is imported, as rubber trees are not grown here. I will never sell a product based on profit margin. I only sell the right mattress for the right usage and the right price.

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