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Maximizing Space in a Small Bedroom

Maximizing Space in a Small Bedroom

Do you feel cramped in your bedroom? Do you wish you had more space? Well there is always a way to use the space you have more efficiently and make your room feel larger. The main issue is what to do with all of the clutter and how to organize all of your things. We're going to explore some ways you can organize your space better to get the most of your bedroom.

Large Storage Furniture

It is nice to have a dresser with a lot of drawers for your clothes, but large storage furniture like dressers and armoires can take up a whole lot of valuable floor space. If you are looking to get more space in your bedroom try organizing a little differently. You can lose the big dressers and storage furniture in favor of under bed storage containers that easily roll in and our from under your bed. You can also think about getting a smaller set of drawers that can be put in your closet to gain more floor space. The closet is your friend. If you can put your clothing in this space you won't need to have big storage pieces on your floor taking up space.

Organize the Closet

As we saw in the last section the closet is a great storage space that can free you from the tethers of large storage furniture items, but it is important to make sure you efficiently use your closet space. There is a ton of vertical room in the closet that can be taken advantage of. Think shelves and racks. The more you take advantage of the vertical assets of your closet space the more clothes and other items you will be able to comfortably fit into it. This frees up a lot of space in your bedroom for you to use.

Think Wall Storage

Shelving units are another great way to get bulky storage furniture of off your floor. Bookshelves are nice pieces to have in any room, but they take up a good chunk of floor space. You can maximize the space of your room by forgoing the bookshelf in favor of wall shelves. Also instead of getting big mirrors that sit on your floor, get a mirror that can be hung on the wall.

Murphy Bed

The bed is always going to be one thing that takes up a lot of floor space. The idea behind the Murphy Bed is all about spatial economy. This option lets you pull your bed out from the wall. Modern designs have desk spaces on the reverse side so when the bed is up in the wall you have desk space. This is a great way to really get yourself a lot of extra space especially if you are living in a pretty small room. Imagine your bedroom with full access to the floor. Our Pure Eco or Natural Escape mattresses (depending on the depth requirements of your specific bed) are both excellent additions to any room utilizing the Murphy Bed setup.

Move the Entertainment Space

It is nice to be able to sit in bed and watch television or play video games, but these entertainment systems do also take up a lot of space. If you are looking for more bedroom space, you may want to consider moving your entertainment systems into another space such as the living room. This is a simple way for you to create more ground space in your bedroom without having to make any large changes or move any large pieces of storage furniture.

Multi-functional Furniture

The more things a single piece of furniture can do for you the more space you will have in your room. Think about beds with bookshelves instead of headboards or drawers underneath. This multi-purpose pieces of furniture make more efficient use of your limited space.

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