Invest in a Natural Mattress Its Worth It

Invest in a Natural Mattress: It’s Worth It

When you walk into a mainstream mattress store, or even a department store that sells mattresses, you’ll find that a typical queen size mattress sells for anywhere between 300 and 600 dollars. These mattresses are often made from memory foam and/or man made materials filled with chemical fillers, binders and glues. They are mass produced in factories, many of them outside of the U.S.A. When we say mass produced, we mean extremely large, in that many of the manufacturers are carrying the same EXACT mattresses and selling them under different names. The owners of the businesses selling these mattresses aren’t regularly overseeing the production of the mattresses, thus leaving quality and material checks left to people outside of the company. The product, materials, labor and production are low cost, allowing for the prices to be on the lower side.

Sourcing of Organic and Natural Materials

On the other hand, the materials used on our mattresses are natural and organic ones, without the added fillers or toxic glues. Our main ingredients of GOTS certified organic cotton, Eco-wool with a GOTS certified processing, and GOLS certified organic, all-natural Dunlop latex are more expensive by nature. Organic cotton, for example, only makes up less than 2% of the world’s cotton production. Getting the wool means relying on animals to grow it for us rather than mixing up some chemicals to make something synthetic to use instead. Organic latex is sourced from rubber trees, so once again, we rely on nature to provide for us. All of our materials are sourced in the U.S.A. (with the exception of the Dunlop latex coming from Sri Lanka, because you can't get organic latex direct from the US (aside from a supplier) and we buy directly from the source!) because we care about our country and the people living in it.

The Effects on our Planet

We care about our footprint and the effect it will have on generations to come. This is why we pay more to use materials that are certified and to have a GREENGUARD Gold certification. The GREENGUARD Gold certification ensures that the materials that we use, as well as our mattresses as a whole, meet the health requirements of the most sensitive of individuals and are held to the same standards as schools and healthcare facilities. In addition, our use of Eco-wool as a natural flame retardant means that the harmful chemicals traditionally used aren’t ending up in the air or in our water supply. The Eco-wool is also responsibly sourced, with our suppliers allowing their sheep to graze freely and humanely instead of caging them at birth.

Our Difference Compared to Other Organic Mattress Companies

If you’ve done some price comparisons, you will find that our costs are low compared to the companies using the same quality materials as we are. WHY? We are a family run business and we make and oversee all of our mattresses ourselves. We don’t have to account for paying someone else to oversee the production of our mattresses. We also only sell our mattresses ourselves, which means that we don’t have to pay a middleman to sell them for us. Because we own our own factory and equipment and order our materials in bulk directly from the suppliers, we are able to pass long our savings to the customer. We intentionally do not mark up our products with huge margins because we believe that a safe, healthy mattress should be available to all and not be a luxury purchase.

You Get What You Pay For

We believe that it’s worth investing the extra money on natural and organic materials. We also think that what you aren’t getting for your money just as important. With My Green Mattress you are NOT getting chemical flame retardants, you are NOT getting a bed that emits toxic chemicals, nor are you getting a mattress that employs child laborers. You aren’t getting hidden materials and fillers. What you DO get with one of our mattresses is a healthy night’s sleep and the peace of mind that you also made a purchase that supports our world and the people in it.

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