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Ideas for Santa on Going Green This Year

Ideas for Santa on Going Green This Year

Ideas for Santa on Going Green This Year

  • Ask the elves to find a way to convert reindeer poop into sleigh fuel.
  • Switch out all of the lights at the North Pole to LED. It was a big deal when everything was switched from candle light and gas lamps, this transition shouldn’t be too bad.
  • He already uses a reusable sack every year for all of the toys, but he should encourage Mrs. Claus to do the same while shopping this year.
  • Since he’s already in there, he could drag a broom behind himself and sweep those chimneys for everyone.
  • Ditch the hazardous coal, Santa! Come up with something equally as depressing for the kids on the naughty list – perhaps some brussel sprouts or fruit cake.
  • Cut back on that paper waste! Instead of having children all over the world write you letters for Christmas, encourage them to send you an email.
  • No more taking a single bite out of the cookie and leaving the rest at each house, how wasteful! Eat the whole cookie, I mean it’s not like the man’s on a diet.
  • Santa needs his sleep. It’s time that he and Mrs. Claus switch from that old mattress of itchy, sneezy hay to something hypoallergenic.  The My Green Mattress line is also all-natural but unlike hay is resistant to mold, creepy crawlers and allergens.  It takes a lot of energy to visit every child’s home on Christmas night, doesn’t Santa of all people deserve the most restful, healthful sleep?
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