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Healing Teeth Naturally

Heal Teeth Naturally: 7 Steps to Healing Teeth Naturally

When people suspect that they have cavities, the first thing they think to do is to call the dentist. It is important to consult a medical professional, however, cavities can often be healed at home with relatively simple additions to the normal diet and oral care routine. In fact, with these steps you can even prevent them from happening. Before and after your good night sleep on your new My Green Mattress bed, consider this Protocol for Healing and Preventing Tooth Decay. organic sheets CTA
  • Find a cleansing toothpaste that has properties specific for healing. Toothpastes with a clay base provide minerals to re-mineralize teeth. The drawing properties of the clay also helps to detoxify out any impurities. Using a tooth powder instead of a paste is a great option as well, as they often contain these same minerals, along with herbs that help with gum health.
  • Start Oil Pulling. Oil pulling is an ancient practice that improves oral health by whitening teeth, improving gums, and tackling bad breath as it reduces bacteria, plaque, and infection in the mouth.
  • Add a combination of butter oil and fermented cod liver oil to your diet. It's the fat-soluble vitamins in these oils that are great for healing cavities and for your overall health. According to the the Weston A. Price Foundation, "Dr. Price always gave cod liver oil along with high-vitamin butter oil, extracted by centrifuge from good quality spring or fall butter. He found that cod liver oil on its own was relatively ineffective but combined with high vitamin butter oil produced excellent results."
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  • Add powdered eggshells to your diet. Egg shells are very high in natural calcium. They also contain 27 other minerals. The make-up of egg shells is very similar to those of teeth and the calcium in the egg shells is easily absorbed, thus making it a great supplement for oral health.
  • Add a homeopathic form of fluoride to your diet along with a homeopathic calcium phosphate for a child. Fluoride in its original form is toxic. However, homeopathic fluoride is completely safe. Calc phos 6x works on the formation of bone and teeth while Calc fluor is found in the surface of bones and in the enamel of teeth. These remedies can be taken three times daily for many months. Both are recommended for children, while adults with unhealthy teeth only need the Calc fluor.
  • Look into oxygen/ozone treatments. Many holistic dentists provide this treatment as a way to treat and eliminate infection while supporting healthy tissue. This is a simple treatment taking less than five minutes to complete.
  • Minimize or Eliminate Phytic Acid in Your Diet. Phytic acid, or phytate, is found in grains, nuts, seeds and some varieties of beans. When high amounts of phytic acid are consumed, the body will lose calcium and absorb other minerals at lower rates. You don't have to totally eliminate foods containing phytic acid, but you should soak and/or ferment them first, in order to reduce the phytic acid content.
best sleep of your life CTA If you are unsure about just how deep or far gone your cavities are, find a holistic dentist that can work with you to check in on the cavities and to provide treatments, like oxygen/ozone therapy to help. In a case where intervention is needed, most times they can remove and fill a cavity without any drugs. For instance, our dentist uses air abrasion instead of a drill, eliminating the need for any numbing drugs as it is virtually pain free.

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