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Feng Shui Fundamentals for a Childs Bedroom

Feng Shui Fundamentals for a Child’s Bedroom

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement in relation to the flow of energy. In basic terms, the idea is that the placement of furniture and objects in any given area can either bring positive or negative energy into that space, thus affecting people in that area. It may sound silly or far fetched to some, but this art has been practiced and studied for over 3,000 years. As far as Feng Shui used in a home, there are rules for each room. Part of these rules depends on the geographic location of the room, but other rules can be applied without knowing this information.

Here are some fundamentals for bringing positive energy and good energy flow into a child’s bedroom:

Placing the Bed: The head and one side of the bed should be against a wall providing support. The head of the bed should allow the child to see the doorway, but it should not be directly in front of the door. If the room doesn’t allow for the door to be seen, place a mirror in a spot that allows the child to see the door in the mirror while in the bed. Clearing Clutter: Clutter blocks energy. Keeping a child’s room organized without too much stuff is key. Use baskets or storage boxes to store random items that do not have a permanent home and keep the storage boxes in an area that is out of the way. Choosing Decor: Pictures of the child with family, especially of his or her parents, is important to creating an atmosphere of stability and love. Decorate much of the walls with artwork that the child creates and perhaps some that you create for the child as well. Clearing out the Electronics: Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) that are created by electronics can be energy depleting and can create health risks. Keep these devices for other rooms. Cover outlets not in use. Bringing in Fresh Air: Fresh air is important for the brain as well as for positive energy flow. Keep the windows open for at least fifteen minutes a day. Bring air purifying plants into the room to help absorb harmful toxins including those that come from the natural off-gassing of furniture and rugs.

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