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DIY Natural Electrolyte Drink

DIY Natural Electrolyte Drink

We’ve been living with the stomach bug in our household for two weeks now. It’s something that I knew would probably be showing up, as we decided to take the kids for a weekend to an indoor water park in the Poconos. If you know anyone who has ever taken little kids to one, then you know it’s more than likely for young kids to contract one of these when there. The kids had fun, but perhaps it wasn’t worth the consequence, as I honestly didn’t think it would last this long. The good news is that though the only ‘cure’ is to let it run it’s course, there are natural steps that can be taken to ease the pain and discomfort. Most people know that keeping hydrated is key, however, it’s important to take small sips every few minutes instead of gulping something down as there is a greater chance that it will stay down and be absorbed into your system. Electrolytes are important when you are losing a lot of fluid, but choose your drink of choice wisely. Avoid Gatorade because it contains artificial ingredients and too much sugar, which will make it harder for your immune system to work against the virus. Instead, opt for coconut water, which naturally contains electrolytes or make your own electrolyte drink. Natural electrolyte drinks are also great to drink while exercising, participating in sports or when feeling run down. See my favorite recipe below:

Natural Electrolyte Drink Recipe:

    • 1 quart of filtered water
    • ⅛-1/4 tsp Himalayan Sea Salt
    • ¼ cup or more of lemon juice
    • 1-2 TBSP honey
    • Mix all ingredients and drink to your health!

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