Minimizing Common Drinking Water Contaminants

Common Drinking Water Contaminants: 3 Ways to Reduce Toxins

The Environmental Working Group (EWG), a non-profit organization that is dedicated to protecting human health and the environment with its team of scientists, policy experts, lawyers, communication experts and programmers, recently analyzed 28 million water records from across the United States. Their goal: to make it easy for the public to know just exactly what contaminants are in their drinking water so that they can be informed and keep their families safe by taking actions to minimize their exposure. According to the EWG out of almost 50,000 utilities studied, 40,000 tested positive for contaminants linked to cancer and 19,000 tested positive for lead at levels known to be harmful for children. To see how your tap water measures up, you can type your zip code into their database.

Minimizing the Most Common Contaminants In Drinking Water

The results may be rather alarming, depending on where you live. Here are three ways to reduce common contaminants in drinking water:
  1. You can reverse damage caused by build up of the contaminants in the body through gentle cleansing, such as epsom salt baths and a quality, organic, non-GMO greens drink. Ingredients like cilantro and sea greens are great for pulling heavy metals out of the cells. You can also purchase filters that will help to minimize, if not completely block the contaminants.
  2. If your budget is low, start with a kitchen sink filter, as the water that you drink is most important to have clean.
  3. Next, get filters on the showers. These are relatively inexpensive and will block contaminants from entering your body through your largest organ, your skin. If your budget is higher, getting a full house water filter is the way to go. The Environmental Working Group has also put together lists of water filters that you can search by filter type, technologies or by what contaminants that they filter out. You’ll see a link to this on their website, after you type in your zip code and choose the water provider that serves your area.
At My Green Mattress, we are grateful that there are people like those at EWG with the same values and goals as us who are working to protect people from harmful toxins. The more we can raise awareness and help to eliminate them from being used, the healthier our families will be.

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