Crib Mattress


An organic hybrid mattress is the only mattress build that offers superior longevity, outstanding support, and remarkable comfort without including an over-the-top price tag. A hybrid mattress includes the design and support elements today’s consumer has come to expect without any of the unnecessary additives and materials that cheap mattress makers use to drive more revenue.

Most organic hybrid mattresses are going to be medium-firm, especially for the first few years of use. This is because they’re built with pocketed steel springs for even weight distribution, then layers of organic wool, cotton, and latex on top for support and comfort.

Higher quality organic hybrid mattresses, like our own, are hand-tufted to offer the same level of firmness and comfort 20 years later as they do day one. Hand-tufting prevents the layers of your mattress from coming undone prematurely and also looks fantastic.

Hybrid mattresses are typically the best choice for back pain, especially circumstantial, minor back pain. While polystyrene foam and latex-only mattresses are touted as the most comfortable, they can’t provide enduring lumbar support necessary to mitigate back pain and lessen it in the future.

Well-built hybrid mattresses can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years. Those on the higher end of this spectrum last longer based on top-quality materials, an efficient manufacturing process, long-term attention to detail, and a satisfaction guarantee.

There’s no perfect or standardized thickness for a hybrid mattress, because all manufacturers are slightly different. That said, mattress thickness is usually measured from the top of the base materials to the top of the outer layer.

Most hybrid mattresses are anywhere from five to six inches thick when including the comfort layers’ total thickness. However, most consumers consider the outermost comfort layer to be the mattress’s thickness, which is usually two to three inches. Any hybrid mattress that offers at least this much for a comfort layer is considered a good hybrid mattress.

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