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Where Does Our Wool Come From?

Where Does Our Wool Come From?

Woolgatherer Carding Mill sheep

At My Green Mattress, we strive to always use the safest and healthiest products in our mattresses. We partnered with Woolgatherer Carding Mill in Montague, California to supply the wool used in our GREENGUARD Gold Certified mattresses.  Their wool suppliers are located in the Northern California and Southern Oregon regions where the cool, wet climate provides for excellent grazing conditions.

Our wool is certified organically processed, but cannot be considered “certified organic" wool. To be granted this certification the farmers would be required to feed their sheep a strict organic diet from the 3rd month of gestation.  Woolgatherer’s farms allow their sheep to graze naturally in lush, open pastures rather than follow a strict organic diet.  We believe open grazing allows for a much happier life for the sheep and stand by their practices.

The wool from our supplier is safely sheared and taken to a facility to be scoured.  During this process specialized machinery stretches out the wool fibers as workers manually separate any foreign materials from the wool itself.  The wool is then washed with a GOTS certified organic, alcohol-based soap that is mild and fully biodegradable.  No harsh chemicals, dyes or bleaches are used during processing.

The Eco Wool, we purchase from Woolgatherer and use in all of our mattresses, is tested at the UC Davis Animal Toxicology Lab for herbicides, pesticides, and naturally occurring heavy metals such as lead and arsenic.  In addition Woolgatherer Carding Mill has their wool tested by the Hohenstein Textile Testing Institute to certify the wool as Oeko-Tex certified.

Because of these strict testing practices, this wool is the purest you can find, even if its cultivation is not ‚Äúcertified organic‚ÄĚ.¬† In addition, the suppliers for our wool do not use damaging wool practices common elsewhere in the industry such as carbonizing, chemical crimping, dipping, bleaching, harmful shearing, mulesing, and overgrazing.¬† We encourage you to visit Woolgatherer Carding Mill online for more information.

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