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04 Oct

Essential Oil Spotlight: Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has more uses than most plant oils and is also one of the safest in that it is one of few that doesn’t need to be diluted in a carrier oil. It’s...

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02 Jun

Mindfulness: Taking the Time to "Be"

Exercising Mindfulness Mindfulness isn’t what someone would think of when the word "exercise" comes to mind, but truth be told it’s very powerful for the body, mind and soul.  For most people, being mindful isn’t...

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04 May

Six Simple Steps for the Overwhelmed Woman

Are you an overwhelmed mom or a burdened, working-from-home woman? Well, I want to share some helpful secrets with you. These are things I try to do each day that have truly made my life...

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30 Apr


Five summers ago, I began thinking about unplugging. I knew that I was spending too much time on the computer, texting, or with the television on, and too little time with the people that I love. Read more →
10 Mar

The Stars of Sleep

The BEST Natural Sleep Remedies It happens to us all. Sometimes there are nights where it seems impossible to either fall asleep AND stay asleep. We can will ourselves all we want, but when it comes down...

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