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15 Jun

Breathing Room in the Bedroom

Three years ago, reporters from Good Morning America conducted and reported on an investigation into the threats that indoor air pollution poses on our health. They did this by setting up a nursery with brand...

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04 Jun

Get Ready for Summer: DIY Sunscreen & Bug Repellent

Summer is officially here and in honor if it, we’re sharing some summertime necessity recipes for sunscreen and bug repellant.  DIY Sunscreen - This is a lower SPF sunscreen (10-15), based on the natural SPFs...

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02 Jun

Mindfulness: Taking the Time to "Be"

Exercising Mindfulness Mindfulness isn’t what someone would think of when the word "exercise" comes to mind, but truth be told it’s very powerful for the body, mind and soul.  For most people, being mindful isn’t...

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04 May

Six Simple Steps for the Overwhelmed Woman

Are you an overwhelmed mom or a burdened, working-from-home woman? Well, I want to share some helpful secrets with you. These are things I try to do each day that have truly made my life...

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30 Apr


Five summers ago, I began thinking about unplugging. I knew that I was spending too much time on the computer, texting, or with the television on, and too little time with the people that I love. Read more →

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