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01 Jul

Eco Friendly Summertime FUN!

Eco Friendly Summertime Crafts and Activities Summer is in full swing and no doubt you are in the crux of figuring out how to keep the kids occupied, happy, and having fun. We’ve decided to...

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15 Jun

Breathing Room in the Bedroom

Three years ago, reporters from Good Morning America conducted and reported on an investigation into the threats that indoor air pollution poses on our health. They did this by setting up a nursery with brand...

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04 Jun

Get Ready for Summer: DIY Sunscreen & Bug Repellent

Summer is officially here and in honor if it, we’re sharing some summertime necessity recipes for sunscreen and bug repellant.  DIY Sunscreen - This is a lower SPF sunscreen (10-15), based on the natural SPFs...

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08 Feb

Sweet Sleep

Some call me a “crunchy” mom, but I am just a “caring” mom. I may seem a bit of an against-the-grain-er, and I like to find out the TRUTH on my own..In my most recent search for this elusive gem, I wanted to look into the SIDS issue that has affected so many lives and families. As I am a seeker, my biggest question was: “What, if anything, can we do to take precautions against this?" Read more →
01 Feb

Help Your Child Make the Big Kid Bed Move

While there is no ‘right’ age for moving your child into his or her own big kid bed, there does come a point where it’s simply necessary for one reason or another. The appropriate time...

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