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01 Jul

Eco Friendly Summertime FUN!

Eco Friendly Summertime Crafts and Activities Summer is in full swing and no doubt you are in the crux of figuring out how to keep the kids occupied, happy, and having fun. We’ve decided to...

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04 Jun

Get Ready for Summer: DIY Sunscreen & Bug Repellent

Summer is officially here and in honor if it, we’re sharing some summertime necessity recipes for sunscreen and bug repellant.  DIY Sunscreen - This is a lower SPF sunscreen (10-15), based on the natural SPFs...

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27 May

The NEW Pure Echo LUXE

We are so excited to introduce the PURE ECHO LUXE!  We took our most popular mattress, The Pure Echo, up a level! Customers now how the option of the upgraded three-zone innerspring for increased lumbar support....

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19 May

Healthy Living Starts at the Store

Detoxify Your Life – Start at the Grocery Store   Each time I go grocery shopping I can’t help but look at what other people have in their shopping carts. 90% of the time I...

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16 May

Green Cleaning Made Easy!

From mainstream laundry detergents, to dish soap, to spray cleaners, the amount of toxins brought into the home from cleaning products is sickening - literally. 
The side effects from the toxic chemicals used in these products range with the most common being headaches, respiratory illness (including asthma), hormone disruption and cancer.
The good news is that you can clean your home with less expensive toxic-free products that are often even more effective than their counterparts!
And you can make these quickly and easily, right in your own home!
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