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30 Mar

DIY Natural Electrolyte Drink

We’ve been living with the stomach bug in our household for two weeks now. It’s something that I knew would probably be showing up, as we decided to take the kids for a weekend to...

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02 Mar

DIY Mattress Freshening

At least one third of our lives is spent sleeping on a mattress. Add in time spent reading, watching television, cuddling, nursing, and playing on one and the amount of time that we spend on...

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02 Apr

Eco-Friendly Easter Eggs

We now have only 2 days to prepare for the annual celebration of egg hiding and discovery that we call Easter.  For those of us who would like to try something different and leave behind...

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30 Mar

DIY Fruit Facials for an At-The-Spa Glow!

  (photo credit: OK, we have all committed the crime of going to the grocery store (albeit with the best of intentions), and buying far more fruit than we can consume before it starts to...

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27 Mar

Aquaponics, It's Time!

At My Green Mattress, we keep environmental conservation very close to heart.  It’s one of the many reasons that we source the best organic and natural materials for our products.  So, when we come across...

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