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16 May

Green Cleaning Made Easy!

From mainstream laundry detergents, to dish soap, to spray cleaners, the amount of toxins brought into the home from cleaning products is sickening - literally. 
The side effects from the toxic chemicals used in these products range with the most common being headaches, respiratory illness (including asthma), hormone disruption and cancer.
The good news is that you can clean your home with less expensive toxic-free products that are often even more effective than their counterparts!
And you can make these quickly and easily, right in your own home!
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22 Apr

Is Odor an Issue for Natural Wool Mattresses?

Many natural materials, like wool, have their own natural odor that is nontoxic. Some people are more sensitive to this smell than others. Wool is hygroscopic, which means it easily absorbs moisture, causing the natural odors to be more noticeable in humid climates. Read more →
19 Mar

Three Steps Towards Removing Toxins in Your Home

(Photo Credit: Inhabitots) There are plenty of easy and simple ways that you can detoxify your life in your own home!  Here are three simple steps that you can start taking now! 1. Trade in...

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13 Mar

Caring for Your Mattress

    Proper Installation.  Make sure your new mattress and foundation are properly installed in your home.  Improper installation can damage your new sleep set. Use a protective pad.  A good quality, washable mattress pad...

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