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24 Apr

My Green Garden: Making Your Own Natural Fertilizer From Kitchen Scraps

At My Green Mattress, we know a thing or two about making things out of natural and organic materials. We especially like to find useful ways to use our scraps so that they don’t end...

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17 Apr

Saving Our Honey, One Bee at a Time

The honey bees are in danger and thus, so is one of the four natural sweeteners that I consider to be healthy, nutritious in moderation, and safe (the other three being real maple syrup, molasses...

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10 Apr

Garden Medicine

With so many options of different plants to grow in the garden, it can be hard to choose which ones to make room for, especially if you don’t have a big area to garden in....

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03 Apr

A Better Night’s Sleep for Seasonal Allergy Sufferers

Spring is here and while we rejoice in the warming weather, the flowers, the birds and the bees, some of us also cringe a little when we realize that the pollen will be arriving shorty...

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27 Mar

Stevia – Why You May Want to Include it in Your Garden This Year

Years ago while in my mother’s garden she asked me to try eating the leaf of anherb that she was growing. I bit into it and it tasted very sweet, unlike any herb Ihad ever...

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