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19 Mar

Everything You Need to Know About Creating a Community Garden

Does your neighborhood need a community garden? Not only can community gardens bring people together in a fun and safe space, but, depending on what you plant, they attract positive insects and can even provide...

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12 Mar

How Solar and Locally Sourced Foods Contribute to Sustainable Living

Most people like the idea of sustainable living.  But when it comes to actually putting these beliefs into practice, it can be overwhelming and hard to know where to start. In this post, we want to talk about two strategies of sustainable living that can help reduce your environmental footprint. Going solar and eating locally sourced foods are two attainable ways to start doing so. Read more →
05 Mar

Micro Gardening: Small and Green

A micro garden is a high yield garden built to take advantage of a small space. Although they can be used to create beautiful small flower gardens, the term is usually used to refer to growing greens and vegetables for consumption in the home. Read more →
26 Feb

Bringing Eco-Conscious Thinking to Your Vehicle

Even the most environmentally friendly individual will find it difficult these days to avoid operating a motor vehicle (although it can be done). The impact of fossil fuels, however, isn't the only factor to be considered when making your relationship with your vehicle more eco-conscious.

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12 Feb

Going Paperless at Work and at Home

The advent of mobile and computer technology means that more of our records can be stored electronically than ever before. In addition to being unsightly and impossible to sort, physical record-keeping can be environmentally taxing and creates a lot of paper waste. By choosing to go paperless in the following aspects of life, you can create a positive environmental impact while also improving the look of your home and office. Read more →

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