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14 Nov

Restful Sleep & Easing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Symptoms

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder¬†(PTSD) still affects¬†more than¬†200,000 Vietnam veterans¬†on a daily basis, and countless other combat-worn veterans from more recent conflicts. Of the total of those veterans affected,¬†about 90%¬†report having¬†trouble sleeping or having difficulty relaxing, a compounding set of issues that worsen¬†their overall health and wellness. Recent studies are showing that restful sleep and easing PTSD are connected, and many of those affected are looking for a non-pharmaceutical way to finally get some rest. Connecting the dots between restful, complete sleep and easing the symptoms of PTSD is becoming more relevant as more research is done on the disorder and the events leading up to initial diagnosis.¬†In this post we hope to offer¬†some information on sleep, PTSD, and how¬†sufferers¬†can get back to resting peacefully at night. Read more →
06 Nov

What May Be Lurking Inside Your Child's Mattress

Children need healthy sleep for enough hours for them to incorporate all they learned during the day into their¬†long-term memory. According to the¬†Sleep Foundation, one-year-olds need 11 to 14 hours of sleep, school-age children between 9 and 11, and teens between 8 and 10 hours. In addition to memory retention, children need enough sleep for optimal development and alertness. Researchers believe that too little sleep affects growth and weakens the immune system. Read more →
30 Oct

5 Reasons People Sleep Better In a Clean Room

Do you struggle to get enough shut-eye and deal with drowsiness during the day? This is not uncommon. In fact, one-third of adults report they don't get enough sleep. One easy way to help you sleep better is keeping your room clean. Here are 5 reasons why people sleep better in a clean room. Read more →
25 Oct

The Great EMF Debate & Where We Stand

What are EMFs, what is the scientific community saying, and what are our personal findings and stance with regard to our mattresses. Read more →
09 Oct

The Trick Free Guide To Healthier Halloween Treats

Halloween is one of those candy filled holidays both young and old look forward to. Even as adults, we can't wait to raid our kids candy buckets and horde our favorites for ourselves. These days...

Read more →

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