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14 Aug

Minimizing Common Drinking Water Contaminants

The Environmental Working Group (EWG), a non-profit organization that is dedicated to protecting human health and the environment with its team of scientists, policy experts, lawyers, communication experts and programmers, recently analyzed 28 million water...

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02 Aug

What to Look for in a Sunscreen and a Spotlight on Zinc

When it comes to materials and ingredients, here at My Green Mattress, we know how important it is to choose ones that are safe. This is why we’re chiming in on one of the most...

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24 Jul

The Ugly Truth Behind Toxic Crib Mattresses

When parents put their babies down to sleep, they expect that their children are sleeping safe and sound. Unfortunately, a major study conducted by the University of Texas in Austin found that this couldn’t be...

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13 Jul

Remedies for Sleep Disruptions - What's Keeping You Awake?

One of the most important human needs is sleep. Without a restful night sleep, neither the brain nor the body can function at full potential. Being a mattress company, we know sleep. In fact, hours upon...

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05 Jun

Invest in a Natural Mattress: It’s Worth It

When you walk into a mainstream mattress store, or even a department store that sells mattresses, you’ll find that a typical queen size mattress sells for anywhere between 300 and 600 dollars. These mattresses are...

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