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08 Jan

A Sense of Sleep: Your 5 Senses Can Impact Your Slumber

Your bedroom should always be an oasis; a place where slumber comes naturally and restful nights are spent lounging in luxurious linens. Then, why do you find yourself tossing and turning uncomfortably all night long? Why are you waking in the morning sore, or still feeling exhausted? What is keeping you up at night? Believe it or not, your bedroom could actually be the culprit. Read more →
02 Jan

All Natural Practices for Relieving Jet Lag And Getting Back on Track

In a season of travel, even the healthiest practices can be derailed by the experience of jet lag. When traveling between time zones, our bodies become out of balance and expect a different sleep schedule than we usually get. Rather than relying on intense sleep aids with unfamiliar ingredients, or an oversupply of caffeine, consider these remedies that can help you get back into your daily routine quickly and confidently. Read more →
28 Dec

Practical Detoxing Post Holiday Season

The Holidays are a delightful time of friends, family and often times way too much indulgence. The cookies, sugary drinks and heavy cream on top of the pie all adds up. The Holidays can leave us feeling heavier, with less energy and tired. Luckily, there are many detoxing methods that you can try to alleviate these feelings. Detoxes are gaining popularity due to their refreshing effects and cleansing qualities. Read more →
18 Dec

Bedtime Stories Are Not Just for Children Anymore

Some people have a habit of reading a little (or a lot) before they settle down to sleep. For people who have trouble¬†falling asleep, it is a good habit to develop.¬†The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention¬†includes "read a soothing book" in a list of ways to relax before sleeping. According to the¬†National Sleep¬†Foundation, a relaxing reading ritual prepares your body for sleep, helps you fall asleep faster, and improves sleep quality. The adult bedtime story has the same effect on grownups as¬†Goodnight Moon¬†has on children. Read more →
04 Dec

The Secret Dangers of Snoring

Snoring is often seen as something almost humorous - and as something which is more of a concern for its affect on your partner or the friend you're sharing a hotel room with. It is...

Read more →

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