5 Reasons People Sleep Better In a Clean Room

Do You Sleep Better In a Clean Room? 5 Reasons Most People Do

Do you struggle to get enough shut-eye and deal with drowsiness during the day? This is not uncommon. In fact, one-third of adults report they don't get enough sleep. One easy way to help you sleep better is keeping your room clean. Here are five reasons why people sleep better in a clean room. 21 Day Sleep Checklist Image no CTA

1. Less Stress

Clutter makes people stressed out. A clean space allows you to breathe more easily and feel like sleeping is your only priority in that space. An article from WebMD talks about how lack of sleep and stress can be a vicious cycle. When we are stressed out, we don't sleep well. And then when we are low on sleep, we are naturally more agitated and stressed during the day. If keeping your bedroom clean is one way to break the cycle of stress, it is an easy way to do so.

2. Knock One Thing Off Your To-Do List

Are you one of those people who can't fall asleep because you just lie in bed and think of all the things you need to do? Take one thing off of your list by keeping a clean room. Then you won't be thinking about putting away that clean laundry as you try to drift off to sleep. Your bedroom should be a place of peace, where you body knows it will get to rest. When your bedroom becomes a place where your to-do list piles up, that is counter-productive to good sleep.

3. Clean Sheets Mean Better Sleep

According to an article from bettersleep.org, a study from the National Sleep Foundation showed respondents who changed their sheets regularly reported sleeping better than those who didn't. In addition to clean sheets, be sure to choose sheets made from all natural, safe materials. With our mattresses, you'll also want a good quality mattress protector (also made from all natural materials) to protect against dust mites, body soil, spills and accidents.

4. A Made Bed Results in Better Sleep

The same study showed 7 out of 10 respondents made their bed every day and these people were 19% more likely to sleep well on a regular basis. Going to bed after a long, hard day should be something that you look forward to. Having a calming bedroom environment and a clean, crisp bed surface waiting for you at bedtime helps to make sleep enticing. Some find the act of turning down the bed a calming part of winding down for the night.

5. Fresh Air Leads to Good Sleep

Opening up those windows and letting fresh air into your room can also help you sleep. Clean and cooler air produces better sleep than musty and warm air. Since you are shopping with My Green Mattress, we know you already avoid chemicals from sources such as harsh cleaners and unnatural scents like scented candles or air fresheners in your home, so be sure to carry that through to every element of your bedroom. Fresh air is the best way to give your bedroom a fresh scent. If you struggle with sleep, putting in that extra effort to keep your bedroom clean can help you rest with ease. If you are looking for an alternative to traditional mattresses, we offer only the best green mattresses here at My Green Mattress. As the growing demand for natural products reaches every industry, My Green Mattress strives to improve the sleep of those seeking a more natural lifestyle.

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